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Trump Asks Supporters To Ignore Nevada’s Primary; They Humiliated Haley Anyway

Donald Trump advises his supporters to avoid the Nevada primary, asserting that he's not on the ballot.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Feb 8, 2024 06:52 IST
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Donald Trump

Despite Donald Trump’s suggestion that his supporters should skip the Nevada primary, nearly 44,000 Republicans voted, delivering an unexpected blow to Nikki Haley.

Trump’s Unusual Request

Donald Trump advises his supporters to avoid the Nevada primary, asserting that he’s not on the ballot. However, a significant number of Republicans defy his recommendation, revealing a surprising turn of events.

Landslide Victory for “None of These Candidates”

Nikki Haley, Trump’s last rival for the Republican presidential nomination, faces a humiliating defeat as 44,000 Republicans cast their votes for “none of these candidates.” The outcome underscores the unwavering loyalty and motivation of Trump’s followers.

Indicator of Trump’s Dominance

The overwhelming support for “none of these candidates” becomes a powerful indicator of Trump’s influence within the Nevada Republican Party. Analysts and strategists see it as a clear message from voters, emphasizing the strong allegiance to the former U.S. president.

Lack of Coordination by Trump’s Team

Contrary to expectations, there was no organized effort by Trump’s team or the state party to influence voters against Haley. The stunning outcome appears to be a spontaneous expression of sentiment from the voters.

Nevada Republican Party’s Perspective

Party leaders and insiders downplay any orchestrated campaign against Haley, framing it as a message for her to unite the Republican Party. Michael McDonald, chair of the Nevada Republican Party, emphasizes the hope for Haley to support Donald Trump.

Haley’s Response

Haley’s spokesperson, Olivia Perez-Cubas, downplays the loss, suggesting that the process in Nevada favored Trump. She compares thesituation to playing rigged games and asserts that Haley remains focused on the larger race.

Trump’s Caucus Appeal and Right-Wing Media Campaign

As Trump urges participation in the upcoming caucus, a right-wing media campaign emerges, urging voters to mark their primary ballots with “none of these candidates.” Prominent figures, including Steve Bannon and Wayne Allyn Root, play a role in encouraging this symbolic protest against Haley.

Pro-Trump Figures Influence

National conservative media figures and Trump allies, including Nevada’s pro-Trump governor Joe Lombardo, contribute to the campaign, advising voters to choose “none of these candidates” in the primary and then back Trump in the caucus.

Spontaneous Voter Decision

Despite the lack of explicit direction from party officials or the Trump campaign, some Republican voters independently choose to cast symbolic votes against Haley. Their decisions, whether influenced by media campaigns or personal convictions, contribute to the landslide victory for “none of these candidates.”

Symbolic Votes Against Hale

Individual voters, like Mark Lipp, express their dissatisfaction with Haley by voting “none of these candidates.” Lipp emphasizes his personal decision and plans to caucus for Trump in the upcoming event.

Overwhelming Outcome

The primary results reveal a clear preference, with 63% of ballots cast for “none of these candidates” and only 31% in support of Haley. The unexpected outcome raises questions about the dynamics within the Republican Party and the influence of Trump’s base.

First published on: Feb 08, 2024 06:52 AM IST

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