China scared as India joins 16 nations for Exercise Pitch Black

Melbourne: Exercise Pitch Black is being conducted from September 8, 2022. This is a biennial multi-national exercise organized by the Australian Air Force. Around 2,500 personnel and 100 aircraft from over 17 countries will be involved in both offensive counter air and defensive counter air warfare exercises.

Australia is the host of the exercise, and others nations participating include India, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Indonesia, Germany, France, Japan, Malaysia, the US, New Zealand, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, the UK, the Philippines, Thailand, Canada and Includes Netherlands. China’s uneasiness has increased due to this exercise. After all, why is China irritated with the ongoing military exercise in Australia?


100 aircraft, 2500 soldiers from 17 countries will be involved

100 aircraft and 2500 military personnel are involved in Australia’s Pitch Black exercise. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) considers Pitch Black as its capstone to international action activity with strategic partners and allied air forces. Practice Pitch Black takes place once every two years. It is organized by the Royal Australian Air Force. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this war exercise is taking place after four years. War exercises are generally held in Darwin and Tyndall in northern Australia.


KC-30A tanker aircraft will refuel Sukhoi Su-30 aircraft

The special feature of the exercise will be that Sukhoi Su-30 MKI aircraft have reached Australia directly after taking off from Kalaikunda Air Force Base. During this, fuel was supplied to them by the IAF’s tanker aircraft IL-78.

The Australian Air Force’s KC-30A tanker aircraft will refuel the Sukhoi-30 aircraft when the return flight takes off from Australia’s Darwin Air Force Base to Indonesia’s Subang Air Base. Indian Airmen will also get an opportunity to share their experiences with Malaysian and Indonesian Air Force on their way to and return to Australia.


India, Australia to engage in strategic partnership

There are 145 air warriors in the Indian military contingent at the exercise. This includes the Garuda commando team of the Air Force. In addition to four Sukhoi-30 MKI aircraft of the IAF participating in the exercise, a C-130 Hercules and a C-17 Globe Master aircraft are in Australia. The Indian team participating in the exercise is being led by Group Captain CUV Rao. This exercise will give an opportunity to make the strategy of the Indian Air Force more sharp. The defense and security ties between India and Australia have grown exponentially in the last few years. In June 2020, the two countries extended their ties to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and signed a landmark agreement for mutual access to military bases to support the military-system.

China in tension due to military exercise

This military exercise would have increased China’s restlessness. China’s relations with the 17 countries involved in this exercise are not very good. Especially with the inclusion of the quad countries, China is completely shocked.

This military exercise is taking place at a time when China is carrying out its military exercise on the border of Taiwan. This military exercise is taking place in Australia. At present, the relations between Australia and China are going very sour.

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