Woman falls in love with 36 year older man; story viral on social media

New Delhi: A woman is engaged to a man who is 36 years older than her age and they are now living together. This happened because he fulfilled her wishes for which she was yearning.

67-year-old James Parker gifted 31-year-old Demia Williams a house of 30 million (£340k) and a car worth 37 million (£40k). After this she lost her heart to a Sugar Daddy. Their relationship started in April 2017. The two met through Facebook. Demia had also posted this on her Facebook.

In the post she wrote that she wants to date a rich man above the age of 50. So that she can get financial help. She further wrote that she is tired of the dramas of boys of her age. After which James Parker messaged her on Facebook. He was 62 years old at that time.

Love connection through Facebook

James had a lot of money. He is a retired Marine. He was divorced from his wife. The interaction through Facebook turned into a conversation. Both used to talk to each other for hours. They later met each other in person. At first Demia was unsure about this relationship. But as soon as they started spending time with each other, she started liking him.

Love story started in November 2017

When Demia’s car was stolen, James gifted her a car worth 37 lakhs. Not only this, every week James used to take her on a date. when away she used to receive money from James. Demia used to go for shopping and buy expensive clothes. Over time Demia fell in love with James. They started dating from November 17.

Got engaged in 2018

The two got engaged in March 2018. After this, in the year 2019, James bought a luxurious house for Demia. Earlier she lived alone in this house. Later both of them started living together. The two are planning to get married later this year.

James is also active in the bedroom

Damia, who lives in Atlanta, USA, is the owner of the hair company. She says that I did not expect to fall in love with Sugar Daddy. But he inspired me to look at life differently. Seeing my post on Facebook, he had messaged that I can meet your needs. After which I talked to him. Now he is not just sugar daddy but my love. He may be 67 years old but still energetic and active. He is very romantic in the bedroom. I can’t imagine my life without them now. At the same time, James, the father of four children, says that I like her because she shows up as she is.

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