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Who Needs Degrees; Make Momos And Earn ₹25,000 At This Shop

With over 71.8K views, a post has sparked a flurry of comments from netizens, with some acknowledging the harsh reality of job prospects and others making light-hearted remarks about the salary mentioned.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Apr 10, 2024 15:17 IST
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Momo stall salary
Momo stall salary

The aspiration of many young individuals is to pursue higher education, obtain a degree, and secure a well-paying job. However, have you ever considered the prospect of working in a momo shop for a monthly salary of ₹ 25,000?

A viral post on social media platform X, shared by Amrita Singh, features an image of a job advertisement displayed outside a modest momo shop. The poster, written in Hindi, states the need for a helper and cook with a salary offer of ₹ 25,000.

The accompanying caption to the viral job advertisement post adds a touch of humor, remarking, “Looks like this local momo shop is offering a better package than the average college in India these days,” cleverly poking fun at the current state of college placements and highlighting how enticing job opportunities can sometimes overshadow the significance of degrees.

The viral job advertisement post aims to shed light on the prevailing situation faced by numerous tier 2 and tier 3 MBA and engineering colleges in India. These institutions often struggle to deliver quality education and secure promising placements for their students.

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The viral post is rapidly gaining traction, garnering over 71.8K views and continuing to attract attention. Netizens are flooding the comment section, expressing their opinions and thoughts on this unexpected job advertisement.

One comment reflects, “The reality that often goes unnoticed,” highlighting the discrepancy between expectation and reality in job opportunities.

Another comment humorously points out, “They didn’t specify if it’s per month,” suggesting a light-hearted skepticism regarding the salary mentioned in the advertisement.

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First published on: Apr 10, 2024 01:57 PM IST

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