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What! Reporter Slaps Herself On Live TV, Know The Reason

The cause of her self-slap had became apparent. The reporter's face was being bitten by a mosquito.

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Trending: Reporter Slaps Herself

On social media, a reporter’s video is becoming trending and widely shared. which shows him smacking himself during the live performance. Everybody else in the program that is present is taken aback by this. But subsequently, the cause of his self-slap also became apparent. The reporter’s face was being bitten by a mosquito. He smacked himself, trying to scare him away. Andrea Crowther is the reporter’s name. She is employed at Today Show Australia. In her subsequent live broadcast, Andrea was observed donning a hat following this incident.

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She recently traveled to Brisbane to report on the flooding there and is trending everywhere. Suddenly, while she was live on the air, an insect landed on her face. He lunged at her, missing her entirely. He slapped himself in the interim. The whole thing was caught on video. Andrea then turned away from the camera right away. He did, however, afterwards post the incident’s video to his Instagram account. This has received a lot of feedback from individuals.

Before the video starts, host Karl Stefanovic says, “There was a funny incident that happened today. Andrea Crowther, one of our reporters, did an amazing job covering the flood waters in Brisbane.” It is. However, the place was extremely humid and had horrible insects, such as mosquitoes. Then, while doing a live report, he came upon a mosquito. When delivering news to your house, journalists must contend with numerous risks.

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First published on: Feb 04, 2024 12:27 PM IST

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