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Inspiring! Man Plants Tree In Pothole After Authorities Delay Action, Citizens Appreciate

Malaysia: After a pothole on a road went unnoticed by officials, one man resolved to take matters into his own hands.

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Malaysia: Man plants tree in pothole

After a pothole on a road went unnoticed by officials, one man resolved to take matters into his own hands. Internet users have praised his move.

Malaysian Sabah resident Mahathir Aripin was dissatisfied with the local government’s refusal to address potholes. At that moment, he felt compelled to take action. Consequently, the astute man made the decision to put a tree in the pothole.

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After planting a banana tree in the center of the street, Aripin shared a photo of the tree on social media. “I feel sorry for the road users,” he commented, sharing the picture. Next time, I’ll apply tar to hide it. This specific pothole was allegedly about 500 meters from a location where a 4-year-old child had perished in an accident.

Aripin’s Facebook Post

Not surprise, Aripin’s Facebook post became popular. The man’s wit and original approach stunned online users. They praised him for his effort in the comments area. They commended his civic acumen as well.

Many also took offense at the government and local authorities for their carelessness.

Fortunately, the message compelled authorities to respond in a matter of hours. When the Sabah Public Works Department got there, they filled in the pothole and made the road look beautiful again.

Locals charge the government with being incompetent, but the officials claim that the area’s constant rain caused the road work to be delayed.

There have been similar incidents in the past. Two Kulim district homeowners in Malaysia planted banana trees in 2021 to fill in potholes that had been neglected for more than two years. After becoming irritated with the poor driving conditions, a US man likewise took the same action.

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First published on: Feb 04, 2024 11:05 AM IST

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