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Shameless! Mumbai Man Kills Homeless Women For Refusing Sex

A guy was detained in a startling Mumbai case after it was claimed that he killed a homeless woman for not having sex with him.

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A guy was detained in a startling Mumbai case after it was claimed that he killed a homeless woman. Last month, the woman’s body was discovered by the road close to Sewree. Police reported that the woman appeared to be in her 40s.

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Identification Of The Body

According to the authorities, they found a decomposing body in the bushes close to the Sewree road. It was determined to be Sapna Satish Batham’s body. By looking through the missing persons reports that have been submitted in the area over the last few months, the identification was determined. The cops also looked through the area’s CCTV footage.

When Did The Incident Occur

January 22 marked the recovery of the body. The woman was spotted arriving at the Sewri road with a male on a scooter, according to the police’s analysis of the CCTV. Then they went into the bushes together. Using the car’s registration number, the authorities were able to track down Shehzada, also known as Ramzan Sheikh. According to the authorities, the individual was the one seen with the woman in the video.

Sheikh works for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) on a contract basis. She lived in Mumbai Central, and that’s where he met her. On January 14, he enticed her by offering to buy her booze. He used to frequent the region.

Police alleged that he led her to Seweree and took her behind the bushes as captured on camera. Rather than buy her a drink, he insisted on having sex. An enraged Sheikh took up a big stone and killed the woman with a hammer when she refused. The cops claimed the woman passed away immediately. It was also disclosed by the police that the accused and the victim were longtime acquaintances. The man was taken into custody in 2018 on suspicion of robbing the mom of her daughter.

The accused is being questioned by the police as they begin their investigation. In order to develop a compelling case against him, they anticipate that he would divulge more information about the crime. The man is scheduled to appear in court shortly.

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First published on: Feb 04, 2024 10:42 AM IST

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