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Discover The Unique Wonders Of The Dead Sea: A Natural Marvel Between Israel And Jordan!

The Dead Sea, situated between Israel and Jordan, acquired its name due to its exceptionally high salt content, rendering it inhospitable to any form of life. With a salt concentration of around 35%, the sea is so saline that neither plants nor fish can thrive in its waters. This saltiness level is ten times higher than that of typical seawater.

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Dead Sea

Tourists are drawn to the Dead Sea, situated between Israel and Jordan, because of its unique characteristics. One of its most notable features is that no one can drown in it due to the extremely high salt content in the water, allowing individuals to float effortlessly without sinking even when lying down.

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The beautiful view of the Dead Sea, with Israel on one side and the scenic hills of Jordan on the other, along with the West Bank, captivates observers. The Dead Sea holds the distinction of being the lowest body of water on Earth, located 400 meters below sea level.

Why Visit the Dead Sea?

The sea between Israel and Jordan earned its name, the Dead Sea, because of its high salt content, which makes it uninhabitable for any creature or plant. The Sea contains approximately 35% salt, a concentration so extreme that no plants or fish can survive in its waters. Its saltiness is ten times greater than that of regular seawater.

The salt from the Dead Sea accumulates layer by layer on its sand and rocks, causing them to shimmer because of the presence of sodium chloride. Tourists visit this sea to effortlessly float in its waters and to experience its therapeutic properties. Visitors apply mud from the Sea, rich in hyaluronic acid and various skin-friendly minerals, and then sunbathe to enhance its benefits for their skin.

Millions of tourists from around the world visit Israel every year to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dead Sea. Luxurious resorts, albeit expensive, have been constructed near the Sea to accommodate these tourists. However, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to a significant decrease in tourist numbers, resulting in a notable drop in hotel prices.

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First published on: Apr 11, 2024 03:16 PM IST

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