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Mumbaikar Hates WhatsApp Voice Notes For A Reason But Netizens Are Divided

The screenshot unveiled that Mr. Lamba's friend had sent him a short two-second voice message. During dinner, Vedant responded by conveying his dislike for voice messages and asking his friend to refrain from sending them in the future.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Apr 11, 2024 13:16 IST
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Mumbaikar Hates WhatsApp Voice Notes

Vedant Lamba, an entrepreneur from Mumbai, sparked an online conversation after he expressed his strong dislike for WhatsApp voice messages in a post on X. He had received one from a friend and shared a screenshot of their WhatsApp chat during the conversation.

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The screenshot revealed that Mr. Lamba’s friend had sent him a brief two-second voice message. While at dinner, Vedant responded by expressing his aversion to voice messages and requesting his friend not to send them to him in the future.

Mr. Lamba shared the screenshot on X, asking his followers, “Does anyone else feel this way?”

The viral post initiated a conversation regarding the balance between the convenience of voice notes and their potential to be bothersome.

People Give Their Reaction To WhatsApp Voice Notes

Since Mr. Lamba shared it online, his post has gone viral, garnering over 500,900 views on X. Additionally, he shared a screenshot of the same conversation along with his friend’s response in another post.

One user voiced their frustration, saying, “Voice notes are terrible. They inconvenience me, possibly forcing me to physically relocate to another room or wear earphones, just so I can listen to YOU talk. Just text me, is it that difficult?”

Another user expressed disdain, stating, “I dislike voice notes. WhatsApp, could you please develop a feature to transcribe voice notes? Apple offers this in iMessage and voicemail; we need it on WhatsApp too.”

Meanwhile, a different section of the internet praised WhatsApp voice notes as “gorgeous.”

A user suggested, “Hold the phone to your ear, like you do on a phone call, and the voice message will be played on the ear speaker.”

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First published on: Apr 11, 2024 01:16 PM IST

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