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Colombian Woman Expecting 20th Child, Views Motherhood As ‘Business Opportunity’

Martha, a resident of Medellin, Colombia, receives financial support from the Colombian government for each of her children.

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A 39-year-old Colombian woman, who is a mother to 19 children, is preparing to welcome her 20th child. In a recent media interview, Martha expressed her intention to continue expanding her family, viewing motherhood as a lucrative venture.

Martha, a resident of Medellin, Colombia, receives financial support from the Colombian government for each of her children. Currently, 17 members of her extensive family are under 18 years old, and they reside in a modest three-bedroom apartment. Martha revealed that she relies on government assistance, receiving approximately Rs 42,000 per month. Additionally, she receives aid from the local church and neighbors. However, the combined support falls short of covering the expenses associated with raising and caring for such a large family. Struggling to make ends meet, Martha finds it challenging to provide a complete meal for all her children in their cramped living conditions.

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Martha disclosed that she receives approximately Rs 6,300 for her eldest child and Rs 2,500 for the youngest from the government. However, due to financial constraints and a limited source of income, she struggles to provide even the basic necessities for her children. Living in a three-bedroom apartment with her large family proves to be challenging, as the strict budget doesn’t allow for sufficient provisions. In addition to the difficulty in ensuring a complete meal, the cramped living conditions also mean there is not enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably in the house.

Viewing motherhood as a lucrative venture, Martha openly acknowledged her intention to continue having children until her body no longer permits. In her, she stated, “I see being a mom like a business, practically.”

Similarly, there is a reported case in Russia where a 26-year-old woman named Christina Ozturk, residing in Georgia, aims to expand her family significantly. Currently a mother of 22 children, Christina has set her sights on having over 100 children. Notably, her first child, aged 9, was conceived naturally, while the others were brought into the family through surrogacy. The couple candidly revealed their ambitious plan to have a total of 105 children in their family.

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First published on: Feb 05, 2024 08:04 PM IST

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