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An Individual Formed Plot To Plan ‘Party’, Interpol Was Taken Aback By The Bizarre Tale

In order to fabricate a kidnapping and demand compensation from his family, Ian persuades his friends to beat him up and pretend to be masked thugs.

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In the world, there is no shortage of debauchers and those who enjoy them. Many people will do anything to indulge in their passions. (Trending) One such person who caused a commotion because of his pointless hobby was recently apprehended by Interpol and the police.

The 48-year-old Englishman from Portsmouth, Ian Robbie, had actually traveled to Thailand‘s party capital, Pattaya, just to have a good time. He continued to extend his vacations there and spent extravagantly.

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What He Did When Ran Out Of Money

When he ran out of money to party and his family refused to provide it to him, he persisted in begging for money from home. He employed a brilliant ruse to get money.

In order to fabricate a kidnapping and demand compensation from his family. Ian persuades his friends to beat him up and pretend to be masked thugs.

What He Did To Make The Pictures Real

In order to make the pictures supplied to the family appear authentic, Ian persuades his partying buddies to strike him in the face and cause bruises. Some of his pals dressed up as kidnappers in the picture to add additional realism to the kidnapping scenario.

It worked; after seeing the images, the family became afraid. But he reported kidnapping to the police rather than sending the money. Ian most likely never imagined that his little case would involve Interpol.

As a result, a strike squad was dispatched to a hotel in Pattaya by the International Police Organization, which was able to locate him right away.

Here, they discovered him having fun with the supposed kidnappers after breaking down his room door. Ian had been chatting on iMessage and FaceTime with his relatives in the UK. Police Lieutenant Colonel Sorasak Sengcha said to reporters.

How Did His Family Knew About The Kidnapping 

He had shared photos of himself after being beaten and then hurt after being attacked. This indicates that he used to utilize FaceTime to conduct video calls to his family and that his friends would punch him afterward.

In the video, they showed him donning a mask. Sengcha stated that the family was concerned as soon as they learned of the kidnapping and called the UK police, who then notified Interpol.

We located the individual when Interpol got in touch with the Thai police. However, they were having fun when we got there. The party members were all taken into custody on suspicion of having expired visas, illegal firearms, and drugs. They’re going to be sent away.

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