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Can Renting Your Space Be Risky? Airbnb Host Raped By Her First Guest

A first-time Airbnb host claims her first guest raped her at her London house and then told her, "I'll leave a good review" before departing.

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Airbnb host raped by man
Airbnb host raped by man

A first-time Airbnb host claims her first guest raped her at her London house and then told her, “I’ll leave a good review” before departing. According to the New York Post, the rentee, a graphic artist named Diego Dellarovere, raped the victim after promising to massage her.

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Man’s Stand On Raping The Place Owner

The 43-year-old, who also claims to be a Reiki therapist, pleaded not guilty to all allegations of attacking the woman, who had never rented out a room in her Croydon, South London home.

Dellarovere was her first rentee, booking the room in 2021 while living only 12 miles away in Kensington, Croydon Crown Court heard. The woman filed a police report, bringing to light the rape that allegedly occurred during his stay.

Women’s Serious Charges Against The Guest

She originally considered simply reporting the incident to Airbnb but changed her mind and filed an official complaint. “Then my thought was that he is likely going to do that to someone again so I want his name to be flagged,” she went on to say.

During a police interview presented to the jury, the woman described how she thought it was “strange” that he required a room given that he resided in London, but she had accepted the booking.

Things began to go wrong for her when, one day during Dellarovere’s stay, she poured each of them a glass of wine; as a result, the virgin Airbnb host claimed that the man began to stay close to her, mention the phrase “massage,” and even begin to stroke her shoulders.

Then, while I was seated on the couch, he touched my legs and said, “Put on spa music and I’ll give you a massage.” I have oil. I will give you a massage, she explained.

“No thanks,” the woman replied. I was saying no a lot,” she remarked.

The accused forced himself on her, sexually assaulting and raping her.

The trial in the case is currently ongoing.

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