Want to block YouTube ads on your Android device? Try THESE tips!

New Delhi: Who doesn’t love watching videos on YouTube. You can easily watch from movies to short videos on this platform. This Google app is special in many ways. But all the fun is spoiled when the ads have to be seen in the middle of the video. In order to watch YouTube videos for free, users have to watch ads.

Many times these ads have an option to skip after 4 to 5 seconds. At the same time, sometimes you have to watch the full 15 seconds of ads. The timing of the ad key is so messed up on many occasions that it ruins the whole video experience. To avoid this, YouTube offers a premium subscription plan.

Buy YouTube Premium

In this plan, users don’t have to watch ads. Along with this, users will also get a YouTube Music experience. You can play background music on this platform. But you have to spend money for it. This means you need to buy a YouTube Premium subscription.

Its price starts from Rs.129. If you don’t want to spend money, there is also a way to remove YouTube ads. To do this, you need to make minor changes in the settings.

Want to remove ads for free? make this setting

To remove YouTube ads in your web browser, you need to add an extension. You can use the Adblock For YouTube extension to block ads from appearing on YouTube.

In addition to Chrome, this extension also works on Edge and other browsers. This way you can get an ad-free experience on YouTube. At the same time, you can also block YouTube ads on your smartphone.

However, you need to use third-party applications for this. If you want, you can use this extension to block ads in your phone’s browser as well.

In addition, you need to download the free Adblocker: Adblock & Private Browser from the Google Play Store. This app is nothing more than a web browser where you don’t see ads. This way you can remove YouTube ads on your phone as well.

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