Tech tips: Here’s how to hide online status on WhatsApp while chatting with friends

New Delhi: WhatsApp keeps adding new features from time to time to improve the user experience. Recently, the feature of blocking screenshots has come on the app. With the help of this feature, no one will be able to take screenshots of photos sent in View Once mode. Now another feature has been added to the instant messaging app.

This feature has been added for better privacy. With the help of this latest privacy feature, you can hide your WhatsApp Online Status. The new feature of WhatsApp has gone live.

You can also turn on this setting by following a few steps. Because of this, no one will be able to know when you were online and when you were not. Let us know how you can use these features.

Steps for hiding your online status

  • First of all you have to open WhatsApp on your phone. Now you have to go to ‘Settings’. Here you will find many options, out of which you have to click on ‘Privacy’.
  • Here you will get the first option of Last Seen and Online. By clicking on it, two options will open in front of you. One will be of your ‘Last Seen’ and the other will be related to ‘Online Status’.
  • Now let’s talk about Online Status, so here you will get two options. One of Everyone  means everyone can see whether you are online or not. The second is Same As Last Seen ie the option you have selected for Last Seen, will be applicable to your online status as well.
  • Keep in mind that you get four options in the last scene. From here you can choose Everyone, My Contacts, My Contacts Expect… and Nobody.
  • If you want that no one can get information about your coming online, then here you have to select ‘Nobody’. After this you have to mark the setting as ‘Last Seen’ for online status. In this way you can hide online status.


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