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Elon Musk left amazed by Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra zoom, details here!

New Delhi: Samsung claims that it has received around 1.4 lakh pre-bookings of the Galaxy S23 series so far. The latest flagship series has been launched with many special features and upgrades, which makes it stand out.

Marques Brownlee, an American YouTuber, wrote on Twitter: “I don`t know who needs to take a 100x photo of the moon, but clearly the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the phone for you”. To which Musk replied, “wow”.

Although there are many smartphones in the market, but there are some smartphones which the users eagerly wait for. One of these is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series phones, whose new features are being discussed all around. South Korean mobile company has also tried to give everything in the latest phone series. The company has launched the flagship Galaxy S23 series for people planning to buy a premium phone. If you too have thought of buying the Galaxy S23 handset, then we will tell you in what ways the phones of this series are different.

The special thing is that the latest S23 smartphone series will be made in India only. Samsung claims that the phones of this series are quite different from the previous S22 series and will give better experience to the users. Let’s look at some of the special upgrades of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. This series has received pre-bookings of Rs 1,400 crore on the very first day.


S23 Series is special in these ways

Price: The price of Samsung Galaxy S23 base model has been increased by 4 percent as compared to the base model of S22. The price of S22 256GB variant was Rs 76,900, while the price of S23 also starts from Rs 76,900. Considering the new features and upgrades, the S23 deal seems reasonable.
Camera: The 200MP camera of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is specially given for Nightography. This means that taking photos at night or in the dark will be a lot of fun. The dual pixel technology of its front camera gives 60 percent more brightness of selfie and its autofocus is also fast. It also has a built-in Astro Photography feature to give you the ultimate camera experience.
Built-in Features: Samsung’s new phone gets built-in adaptive power, which reduces battery consumption. At the same time, users also get relief from the built-in vapor cooling chamber. The company claimed that it has received 1.4 lakh pre-bookings so far. The average price of Galaxy S23 is Rs 1 lakh. According to this, Samsung has got pre-booking of about Rs 1,400 crore in a day.
Gaming Support: The Galaxy S23 series has been introduced as a gaming-centric phone. If you are fond of video games then this phone will not disappoint you. In addition to the power of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, GPU support will also be available. GPU and CPU together get more than 30 percent performance, while more than 49 percent performance from NPU will be better.
Ray Tracing: Ray tracing feature has also been given in Samsung Galaxy S23. Usually this feature is not available in smartphones. Users playing video games will get the benefit of this. With ray tracing, users will get real life experience while playing the game.


Easily buy expensive phones

Apart from this, the company is offering easy EMI option to make the expensive smartphone easily available to the users. Users can take home the phone at an EMI starting from Rs 5,200 per month. Apart from this, users can also save several thousand rupees with the trade-in deal. According to the TOI report, in 2022, Samsung has achieved 124% growth in big cities and 179% in small cities.

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