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Neeraj Chopra wins Diamond League Final, creates history again

Diamond League: Olympic gold medalist Indian athlete Neeraj Chopra has created history by winning the Diamond League Final in Zurich, Switzerland.

Neeraj Chopra sealed the title with his second attempt, throwing the javelin for a distance of 88.44 meters. Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra is the first Indian to win this event. Neeraj’s throw was a foul in the first round. He threw 88.00 meters in the third, 86.11 meters in the fourth, 87.00 meters in the fifth and 83.60 meters in the sixth attempt.

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Fouled the first attempt

Neeraj Chopra’s first attempt was a foul throw. It hasn’t been a good start for Neeraj.

Not the start that Neeraj wanted as his first attempt is a foul throw. First round throws Jakob Wadlejch, Patriks Gelmes and Julian Weber took the lead.

Neeraj Chopra threw a throw of 88.44 meters in the second attempt.

Neeraj threw a throw of 88.44 meters in the second attempt. With this throw, Neeraj took the lead in this round. In this round, Olympic silver medalist Yakub Vadledge threw a throw of 86.00 meters.


Neeraj Chopra at Diamond League Final

– Neeraj Chopra threw 88.00 meters in the third attempt

– Neeraj Chopra third attempt 88.00m javelin throw. In this effort too, Neeraj kept increasing.

– Neeraj threw 86.11 meters in the fourth attempt

– Neeraj Chopra recorded a throw of 86.11m in his fourth attempt.

– Neeraj threw 87.00 meters in the fifth attempt

– Neeraj Chopra threw 87 meters in his fifth attempt. In this round also Neeraj Chopra kept the lead.


Neeraj Chopra missed Commonwealth Games 2022

Neeraj Chopra did not participate in the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham due to groin injury. Neeraj Chopra was injured in the World Athletics Championships. The World Championships was held in Eugene, USA in July this year.

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Athletes at Diamond League Final

Jakob Vadlejch of the Czech Republic

Julian Weber of Germany

Neeraj Chopra of India

Patrick Gallium of Latvia

Leandro Ramo for Portugal

Curtis Thompson of USA


Achievements of Neeraj Chopra

– Record made by throwing 68.46 meters javelin in the Under 16 National Junior Championships in Lucknow in 2012.

-The record of throwing 86.48m javelin in the Junior World Championships in 2016.

In 2018 Commonwealth Games, he won gold by throwing 86.47 meters javelin.

– In the 2017 Jakarta Asian Games, he won the gold by throwing 88.06 meters.

– 2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold medal 87.58m javelin throw gold medal

– Neeraj Chopra was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2018 after winning gold at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

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