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Why should you eat Fish during Winters? Learn Benefits

New Delhi: Winter tends to be a difficult season for many people. When it is cold weather, we have to cancel our plans many times and we are often forced to stay around the house. The loss from this is that we sleep more, eat more food and our physical health also makes a difference. Studies show that our mood depends on the food we eat because serotonin (the chemical that regulates our mood and emotions) receptors go to our gut.

By eating a healthy and nutritious diet, we keep the bacteria in our gut happy which in turn keeps us happy. Fish is one type of food that is considered ideal for consumption in winters for several reasons. Fish is a superfood that is rich in nutrients and good fatty acids that promote robustness. Now, let us have a look at the scientifically supported reasons why eating fish in winter is beneficial for us.

Benefits of Fish During Winters

Good for the heart

Cold weather puts a strain on the heart. Plus, with unhealthy eating habits and low physical activity, we put our heart health at significant risk. According to a study published by the American Journal of Cardiology, regular fish consumption is associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease. Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids at least twice a week offsets the risks associated with heart diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke.

Mental health will get a boost

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is commonly experienced by people in winter. During this, lack of sunlight also leads to deficiency of Vitamin D, which spoils the mood. Hence, doctors and nutritionists recommend supplements and foods rich in Vitamin D during winters. Fish like mackerel, tuna and salmon are rich in vitamin D.

Vision will improve

Some types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to improve vision and overall eye health. Omega-3 fatty acids maintain eye health and enhance their function.

Eating fish will benefit the skin

In winter, our skin can become dry and flat if not taken care of properly. The cold weather is extremely bad on our skin and can take a toll on it. They are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids strengthen the epidermis of our skin to prevent it from drying out naturally. Studies also show that eating fish can help with mild to severe acne.

Lungs will be protected

The cold weather during winter makes us vulnerable to cold and other respiratory infections. However, fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids increase the flow of air in the lungs. It also boosts our immunity level and helps us fight respiratory infections.

Sleep schedule will improve

According to a study reported in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, increasing our intake of fish improves our sleep patterns because of the high vitamin D content in fish.

Cholesterol will be less

Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish help in reducing LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. As per the research conducted by Baylor University Medical Center Procedures, it was found that omega-3 fatty acids present in fish can significantly affect the cholesterol in our body by lowering LDL and increasing HDL or good cholesterol.

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