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Vastu Tips: Where to place ‘Name plate’ outside home as per Vaastu

Vastu Tips: We know that the name plate outside the house is our little introduction for those who are coming into our house. The nameplate not only enhances the beauty of your main gate but also tells the visitor who lives in this house. According to Vastu, if the nameplate is placed properly, it brings positive energy to the house and also believed that positive and negative energy also enters from there. In such a situation, we are going to tell you what things should be kept in mind while putting a name plate according to Vastu for peace and prosperity in the house.

Put a name plate on this height

According to Vastu Shastra, the height of the name plate should be slightly higher than the height of the tallest person in the house. Doing this is considered very auspicious in Vastu. The name plate of your house can be in metal, granite, marble or wood as per your choice. But keep in mind, do not put a plastic name plate even by mistake because it brings negative energy to your house, which has a bad effect on your house and the members of the house.

Vastu Tips: Select colour according to the direction

Select the colour of the name plate according to its guidance of it. Direction and colour are considered very important in Vastu because it brings peace and prosperity to the house.

East direction

If your house is in the east direction, then consider saffron, yellow, green, pink, and light orange name plate for happiness, prosperity and respect.

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West direction

If your house faces west, then put a name plate in your house by selecting colours like grey, yellow, brown, and light green along with white and golden colours for the blessings and development of everyone. Due to this positive energy resides in your home.

North direction

People whose house is in the north direction should keep in mind that their colour should be yellow, green, sky blue, sea green and light blue. Due to this, there will be no shortage of money and grains in your house, and everyone’s earnings will be blessed. Along with this, there will also be opportunities to move forward.

South direction

If the face of your house is towards the south, then keep in mind that red, orange, pink and purple colours can be used while placing the name plate. This will increase love, security, fame and confidence in your life and happiness and peace will come into the house.

Which name plate not to use? 

The name plate on the main door of the house should never be made of plastic. It is believed that negative energy resides in the plastic and there is an atmosphere of discord in the house.

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