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Vastu Tips: Check 10 different colours combination for Pooja room according to Vastu

Vastu Tips: Your pooja room needs to be thoughtfully and carefully adorned. The Vastu-approved colour for your pooja room will assure your family’s prosperity. To create the ideal atmosphere for dedication and calm, some colours should be avoided, and you must make sure that the entire decoration is immaculate.

What should be Pooja’s room colour according to Vastu

1. Simple blue

Blue has an expansive quality. This can make the pooja room look appealing, according to Vastu principles. The pure blue colour is made more beautiful by the red lamp. To achieve the colourful appearance seen in the image, paint your pooja cabinet crimson. To complete the theme, you can choose some red-coloured ornamental accessories.

2. Sea-green

Another unusual colour that works well with Vastu principles is sea green. When you choose the appropriate accessories for décors, such as the mandir or other wall decorations, the pooja room colour as per Vastu might become appealing.

3. Multi-colour

This multi-colour design concept can be a fantastic option if you wish to decorate your pooja room with Vastu principles and are imaginative. All of the colours used here have been chosen with the Vastu principles in mind. This concept can also be used to decorate pooja rooms in office buildings to give them a lively appearance. If you have a large pooja room and paint the other walls of the room white, this specific décor idea will also look nice.

4. Bright blue with yellow combination

Yellow looks fantastic with blue. The yellow chair in this image is a great example of how stunning your pooja room would seem if you use yellow-coloured furniture. To get this appealing appearance, you might paint the mandir in full yellow. Yellow and blue are a beautiful combination. To finish the design, add some ornamental items in a vibrant yellow colour.

5. Solid orange

According to Vastu, orange is the ideal colour for a pooja room. To finish the look, utilise a mandir or pooja cabinet with a wooden finish. Cabinets with a wood finish can look fantastic if you go with a dark wood tone. If not, the light wood-coloured polish will enable you to get the ideal contrast.

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6. Blue and white combination

One of the most serene and appealing colour choices for walls is blue and white. To give the pooja room an appealing appearance, you can paint the walls a light blue colour and adorn the space with white show items.

7. All-white theme

The colour white symbolises the dedication and tranquilly. You can paint the walls of your pooja room white and select white floor tiles with a gentle texture. This will make it simple for you to get the all-white theme. With some colourful show pieces, you may draw attention to the room’s layout and décor.

8. Royal blue

This idea may be a wonderful option for you if you want your pooja room to stand out from other pooja rooms. The remarkable appearance you want to attain can be achieved with a royal blue wall that has a large square texture. Additionally, you can have patterns made by your preferences. The colour royal blue will complement any huge patterns well.

9. Simple wooden wall

You can get wooden panels installed on one of the walls of a tiny pooja room. This will not only look lovely, but it will also take centre stage in your home’s interior design. It is suggested to use this décor idea on a tiny pooja room because hardwood panels might be quite expensive.

10. Vibrant pink

Not only is this pink vivid, but it also stands out. This one can be your finest option if you want your pooja room to seem significantly different from the typical one. The texture’s vertical lines increase the colour’s brightness.

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