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Vastu Tips: 5 best colours, accessories to make your kids’ room Vastu-compliant 

Vastu Tips: Since a child’s room serves as a hub for play, amusement, and happiness, it must be a happy and prosperous place. While you take great care to feed your kids well and take extraordinary measures to care for their health, you shouldn’t skimp on some things while setting up their bedroom. From the position of their bed to the location of their study table, everything is important to ensure their development. The crucial Vastu principles for children’s bedrooms are covered in this article.

With these Vastu tips for kids’ bedrooms, you may encourage positive energy in your child’s room while also feeling certain about their well-being and creative thinking. 

Here are the best 5 colours and accessories to make your kids’ room Vastu-compliant: 

Vastu Tips: 5 Best Colours for kids’ rooms

Check out the list of Vastu-proven colours for kids’ rooms:

Red: This colour is striking and opulent which exudes strong vitality and creates a visual impact. It is a standout and captivating colour for kid’s rooms that also works to counterbalance the chilly tones of the interior design.

Yellow: Sunlight and sunflower colours contribute to the joy and enthusiasm in a child’s room. It is well renowned for inspiring children and enhancing their focus.

Natural Green: The colour that has a calming impact on kids is natural green. The eyes, body, and mind are all benefited from this colour, which symbolises vegetation.

Blue: This colour, which symbolises calmness and focus, is the ideal colour for your child’s bedroom reading nook. The blood pressure and pulse rate can both benefit from this serene colour.

Royal Purple: Because this colour is linked to creativity, it is the ideal colour for children’s bedrooms. This is intended to positively influence your child’s behaviour and also symbolises confidence and ambition.

Vastu Tips: Accessories to keep in your kids’ room

Here is the list of accessories that should be kept in a kids’ bedroom: 

Globe: Keep a globe in the room of your child towards the northeast. Children benefit academically from this.

Photo Frame: Keep a picture frame in the corner of your child’s room facing west. It is regarded as lucky in Vastu and makes your kids happy.

Wall Mirror: Mirrors make it easier to see and appreciate all of your children’s artistic achievements. On a side wall, you can hang one or two substantial wall mirrors.

Wooden Toys: Several wooden animal bookends can be used to decorate your child’s room. These toys have a pleasing aesthetic, and their rich wood structure promotes serenity.

Cute Storage Bags: They are a fun way to get your kids to do their laundry. This will assist you in raising organised, responsible children.


Every parent aspires to monitor their kids’ development in all areas of life. However, due to Vastu’s flaws, every home has certain undesirable features that could influence your child’s behaviour and mental health. 

Therefore, it is crucial to construct your child’s bedroom by the principles of Vastu Shastra. Use these suggestions to make your child’s bedroom a cheerful refuge where they may be progressive and disciplined.

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