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Vastu Tips: Check out 11 important guidelines for kid’s room

Vatu Tips: A kid’s room needs to have a joyful and prosperous atmosphere because it is a centre of fun, amusement, and joy. While you make sure to feed your children well and go above and beyond to care for their health, you shouldn’t overlook a few details while constructing their bedroom. Everything matters to ensure their development, from the position of their bed to the location of their study table. This article discusses the important Vastu principles for children’s bedrooms.

With these Vastu suggestions for kids’ bedrooms, you may feel confident about your child’s good health and innovative thinking while helping to promote positive energy in their room. Here are 11 vital Vastu guidelines for a child’s room:

1. West is the perfect direction

The best location for the kids’ bedroom in your home is in the west. For a restful and serene night’s sleep, Vastu advises that your child sleeps with their head in the east or south direction. According to Vastu, having a child’s bedroom in the southwest is also considered lucky.

2. Door should be East-Facing

Your child’s room door should face east to promote good vibrations and happiness. It ought to open counterclockwise. Vastu advises against hanging notices or placards on doors because they attract unfavourable energy like hostility or ego disputes. 

3. No window, mirror or door in front of the bed

Your child shouldn’t have their bed in front of a window, door, or mirror because it can prevent them from getting enough sleep. It is thought that mirrors might produce odd illusions that evoke a negative feeling and disturb the serenity needed for sound sleep.

4. Bed should be in the West or South-West corner

The best place for furniture, especially the bed, in a child’s bedroom is in the southwest. A child’s bedroom in the southwest is seen as lucky. You can also position the bed so that it faces west to bring luck, success, and good health. Invest in a wooden bed that doesn’t have a metal frame. Metal frames are renowned for allowing unfavourable energy to enter the air.

5. Evade devices in a kids room

A child’s room shouldn’t have too many electronics, according to Vastu Shastra. High electromagnetic stress and dangerous radiation are produced by electronic devices, which may hurt your children’s ability to concentrate.

6. Use light green or light yellow in a kids room

To enliven the atmosphere and regulate mood swings, Vastu Shastra advises introducing vibrant colours into a child’s bedroom, such as light green and light yellow. As these colours can cause children to feel bad, avoid using them for bed linens, wallpaper, or carpets.

7. Put the study table in the West or South-West corner

According to Vastu Shastra, the study table in a child’s room should be positioned in the west or southwest corner. To focus better when learning, the child should also face the north or east.

8. Remove new stationery from the study table

According to Vastu Shastra, it is imperative to eliminate unused stationery from a child’s study table. In your child’s room, stationary like dull pencils, empty pens, ripped books, and newspapers may attract bad energy. For a clear path to success, keep the study area clutter-free. Avoid putting shoes or slippers under the table because it interferes with focus.

9. Place the bookshelf in North-East

Vastu Shastra guidelines advise positioning the bookcase in the northeast. Additionally, wood rather than metal should be used in the bookshelf design. Children are reported to be adversely affected by metal bookcases. To keep your youngster from feeling extra pressure, don’t keep books on the study table.

10. Avoid wild animal toys in your kid’s room

Vastu Shastra advises against putting toys of wild animals in your child’s room. These games could encourage aggressive behaviour in your kid.

11. Do not let your kids sleep under a direct beam

Vastu Shastra guidelines state that children shouldn’t snooze near windows or built-in wardrobes. It has been suggested that this could make kids feel anxious and under pressure.

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