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Vastu Tips: 6 Practical North East Corner Vastu Remedies

Vastu Tips: The most fortunate location for your property is in the northeastern corner. The imagery in this particular corner is spiritual and sacred. As a result, that is where you ought to keep your idols. You now understand why having another room in this location is considered a Vastu dosha. Learn more and receive the best treatments to get rid of this dosha.

If you have a room in this area, other than a puja room, you will come across various northeast corner Vastu cures in this post. The remedies for a northeast corner are as follows:

1. For your residence facing the incorrect direction

The north, east, or northeastern corner is the proper and ideal position for your property to face. Add a Tulsi or Holy Basil plant to the window in the northeast corner of your home if it does not face any of these. Your Vastu dosha’s negative impacts will be lessened as a result.

2. Become an idol of Lord Shiva

As we previously stated, God is located in the northeast corner. Start offering homage to Lord Shiva, the greatest God or the Lord of all the Gods, if you have other rooms in addition to the puja room. Your home will be protected from all threats and accidents if God is pleased with your prayers.

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3. Should your kitchen be in the Northeast

A dosh is your kitchen, which is located in the northeastern part of your home. An efficient northeast corner Vastu solution in this case is the use of a Vastu Kalash, also known as a Siddha Vastu Kalash. Put it exactly in the kitchen’s northeastern corner. It ought to be at least a certain distance from your gas oven.

4. If your corners are narrow

According to Vastu Shastra, a narrow corridor at the northeastern corner of a rectangular property is typical yet undesirable. Mirrors facing the northeast corner can be positioned on the opposite side as a fix. It will balance your Vastu and give the room a wider appearance.

5. Shree yantra is added to attract luck

No matter how hard you work, nothing seems to work out for you. If this applies to you, your Vastu is the cause. A Shree Yantra should be placed on a Thursday in the northeast corner of your home. It encourages growth and development, which is followed by success, and luck. 

6. Your tank should be red

Water tanks are typically positioned above the puja room in the northeast corner of many residences and homes. It should be placed in the northwest corner because there is where garbage gets eliminated. You can utilise red and paint it in red hues in these circumstances.

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