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Study: Having Daughter Can Increase A Father’s Longevity, Here’s How

A recent study, involving 4,310 participants, highlighted a positive association between a daughter's birth and a father's longevity

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A recent study from Poland’s University challenges the common belief that daughters are more cherished by their fathers. Instead, it suggests a direct link between having daughters and a father’s extended lifespan. This study, involving 4,310 participants, highlighted a positive association between a daughter’s birth and a father’s longevity. Furthermore, it indicated that individuals with more daughters tend to live longer, with an increase of approximately 74 weeks in a father’s average lifespan per daughter. The research outcomes were published in the American Journal of Human Biology

Virtual meetings, including Zoom calls and platforms like Teams, have become ingrained in our everyday routines. While many engage in these meetings daily, a study suggests that these methods might not be the most conducive for effective communication. The research indicates that the human brain finds it easier to comprehend dialogue in face-to-face conversations compared to understanding discussions held over video calls. Conducted by Yale University researchers, the study involved 28 individuals across different age brackets.

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Other Intriguing Studies

Each person interprets the significance of music differently. Researchers from Queen Mary University in London and the ISI Foundation in Italy have recently investigated the link between music and ethical values. Their study, which involved 1,400 participants, concluded that music not only affects our behavior but also influences our perspective of the world.

Many parents believe that vitamin D supplements contribute to their children’s bone strength. However, research conducted jointly by Queen Mary University in London and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests otherwise. According to this study involving 8,851 children aged six to thirteen, the regular intake of vitamin D supplements over three years did not result in stronger bones or reduced fracture risk. This study’s findings, challenging the assumption about the efficacy of vitamin D in bone health, were published in ‘The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology’ journal.

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