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Millionaire Husband Charges Rent From Wife For Living Together, Netizens React Over Woman’s Plight

A woman, sharing her story on Reddit, revealed that her millionaire husband asks to pay rent for their shared home. She voiced her frustration at his failure to provide her with the usual luxuries expected of a millionaire's spouse, such as covering household expenses and minor bills.

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Millionaire Husband Asks Rent From Wife

ladOrigamiTorbie, a woman sharing her experience on Reddit, disclosed that her millionaire husband requires her to pay rent for their shared living space. She expressed frustration that he doesn’t afford her the luxuries typically associated with being a millionaire’s spouse, such as covering household expenses, including minor bills.

The Redditor revealed that she and her husband had lived together for 12 years before getting married, and they have been married for six years. She also mentioned that they do not have any children together.

Woman shares her Husband’s shocking habits

In her post, she wrote that her husband, a multimillionaire who retired at 50 after inheriting a substantial sum from his mother four years ago, and she have lived together for almost two decades. Despite his immense wealth, her husband continues to require her to pay monthly rent and invoices her for even the smallest expenditures. She mentioned having around $250k in modest savings, primarily invested in her 401k, which means she cannot retire anytime soon.

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She added that she works more than 40 hours per week, while her husband stays at home and enjoys costly hobbies such as golf and sailing. He also goes on extended trips without her.

When they first met, she mentioned that her husband was earning around $40,000 from a regular job, and at that time, they decided to divide all their expenses equally. Due to his past negative experiences with women expecting financial support, they agreed to maintain separate finances and split costs evenly, including rent, gas, internet, and other expenses, totaling approximately $1200 for her share. Throughout their relationship, they lived contentedly in rented accommodations, strictly keeping their bank accounts separate and even shopping for groceries separately.

However, their circumstances shifted dramatically following his mother’s passing. It was revealed that her mother’s modest business held more value than anticipated, resulting in both him and his sister inheriting $8 million each.

Her Husband even raised her rent

The husband then purchased a “fancy new house,” leading the woman to assume she would no longer be responsible for paying rent. However, she was surprised to find out that her husband raised her rent to $1800 due to increased utilities and property taxes.

While working from home during the pandemic, she gained insight into her husband’s lavish daily routine. The lady even observed that he seldom wakes up before 11 am, plays a round of golf at the nearby course, returns home to prepare a leisurely lunch, and spends his afternoons watching sports on TV.

She expressed her hesitancy to discuss her feelings with her husband because she didn’t want him to perceive her as wanting his money. She also conveyed sadness over his lack of initiative in sharing his newfound wealth with her, noting his constant and loud phone conversations with male friends to plan extravagant weekend boating trips and occasional week-long getaways with wealthier retirees from their social circle.

The woman shared her biggest fear of discussing the topic, fearing that once she brings it up, she won’t be able to reverse the situation, and her husband will misinterpret her intentions as solely wanting his money, potentially leading to a breakup. However, she clarified that this is far from the truth; she loved him for over a decade when they were both financially struggling. Truthfully, she longs for the joyful life they shared before his inheritance, expressing that they were both happy then, but now she feels that only he is content in their relationship.

What did the people say about this shocking incident?

Redditors expressed shock upon reading her post, with many commenting that her husband appeared to act more like a landlord than a partner.

One user advised, ”I would personally stop paying this supposed ‘rent.’ If he is willing to divorce me over this, then that’s my answer – he doesn’t truly love me. It doesn’t seem promising for you, OP; he treats you as if he doesn’t love you.”

Another commenter remarked, ”Your husband has become a multimillionaire in part because he charges you for rent and living expenses. He’s essentially acting as your landlord, which is extremely odd.” A third person criticized, ”Your husband’s behavior is unacceptable. Consider leaving him and finding someone who will treat you with respect and normalcy.”

A fourth individual pointed out, ”You’re not experiencing a marriage dynamic; you’re living with a roommate. A loving husband would aim to create a wonderful life together, supporting retirement plans and enjoyable trips. They would share windfalls and make joint decisions about their future. Seeking marriage counseling might reveal the true nature of your relationship.”

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First published on: May 15, 2024 10:11 AM IST

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