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Man Undergoes Surgery To Add Four Extra Nipples To His Body; Here’s Why

Angell skillfully colored and shaded the silicone implants to resemble natural male nipples. This unique body modification gained attention, and in April, Angell shared a video showcasing Harry's procedure as an easier, simpler, and more affordable method

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: May 19, 2024 12:19 IST
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tattoo artist colouring nipples
tattoo artist colouring nipples

A man from the USA, Harry Hoofcloppen, decided he wanted four extra nipples. He contacted body modification expert Steve Haworth, who agreed to implant four silicone nipples on his torso, giving him a total of six. After a four-month healing period, Harry visited a Colorado tattoo artist named Angell to have the implants tattooed to look natural.

The tattoo artist skillfully colored and shaded the silicone implants to look exactly like natural male nipples. This unusual body modification quickly drew attention. In April, Angell shared a video explaining that Harry’s unique procedure demonstrates an easier, simpler, and more affordable way to recreate nipples. This method could be beneficial for people who have undergone mastectomies or for transgender individuals seeking gender-affirming surgeries.

In this caption, Angell wrote, “Angell I really hope that the medical field would be willing to adopt these in because by far this is the best result I’ve seen for an areola reconstructed look.”

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This explanation impressed many people, who admired the work done by Angell and Steve and praised Harry for undergoing the procedure and raising awareness. One Instagram user commented, “A lot of trans people could benefit from the implants and/or the tattooing.”

Another person wrote that they saw the healed implants earlier in the week and found them to be absolutely incredible. They expressed excitement about the potential for this custom modification in reconstructive medicine and praised the amazing work done by Steve and Angell.

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First published on: May 19, 2024 12:19 PM IST

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