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Muskmelon Seeds Drink: Make summer special drink with fruit rich in minerals, recipe here

Muskmelon Seeds Drink: If you get cool and refreshing drink in the summer season, then the mind becomes satisfied. In such a situation, we drink many types of shakes, juices and lemonade. But a person gets bored with the same thing every day. If you are also bored of drinking the same type of drink daily, then we are bringing a new recipe for you. The name of this drink is ‘Musk Melon Seeds Drink’.

In the summer season, cantaloupe and watermelon are available in plenty in the market. They do the job of hydrating the body very well. Often people bring melon, but while eating it, take out the seeds and the middle part and throw them away. Today we are going to tell you about the tasty and healthy refreshing drink made using it. So let’s know how to make this drink recipe in the blink of an eye.

Muskmelon Seeds Drink: Ingredients

  • Melon seeds and anus
  • Four spoons – sugar or jaggery powder
  • 7- 8 – mint leaves
  • ice cube
  • as needed – water
  • 1 cup milk



  • To make Muskmelon Seeds Drink, first cut the melon into two pieces from the middle.
  • Now put its pulp and seeds in the mixer.
  • After this add some water to it and grind it well.
  • Grind it until the seeds are crushed well.
  • Now add mint leaves and jaggery or sugar to it.
  • Then grind it once more till it becomes smooth.
  • Now add milk and water according to how thick or thin you want to drink it.
  • Then grind it well one more time.
  • Your healthy and refreshing drink is ready.
  • Now serve it in a glass by adding ice cubes.
  • It is very fun and healthy to drink.

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