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How to remove Vastu dosha from Pooja Room? Also check decorating tips

Vastu: The holiest spot in the house is the pooja room. Having the proper Vastu for the home’s pooja room is hence crucial. Discover more. Without a pooja room or a mandir space, Indian homes would be lacking. These areas are essential because they are thought to be the centre of good energy and sacred in every aspect. 

According to Vastu, the mandir is the room in the house that spreads its positive energy throughout the rest of the house. But what if Vastu rules weren’t followed when building the pooja room? The pooja room might not perform to its full potential in such circumstances and could need to be fixed.

Tips to embellish your Pooja Room

  • Add colours to the pooja room walls: As per Vastu for the pooja room, you should use some vibrant hues because the pooja room is a place for positive and pleasant feelings. Choose hues like upbeat yellow, orange, calming green, maroon, etc. for the walls of the pooja room rather than maintaining them a uniform colour. Choose wall tiles with a hint of brighter colours if bright walls aren’t your style. This will give your pooja room some colour while maintaining a very classy and understated overall aesthetic.
  • Add tiles to enhance the pooja room: You can choose tiles for the pooja room to spruce up the space and lengthen its useful life. Or you may try using natural materials like wood or stone, but they do require a little more upkeep.
  • Keep the decor minimal: Make sure the idol is the centre of attention in the pooja room, keeping the accessories to a minimum, by Vaastu. Keep the back and pooja room decorations simple and understated; otherwise, they will make the pooja room appear crowded and disorganised.
  • Clean the pooja room: It is crucial to keep the pooja room clean because the majority of us use incense sticks, dhoop, and diyas there. According to Vastu, the pooja room should be uncluttered and tidy.

Pooja Room remedies for removing Vastu dosha

Due to the orientation of their pooja rooms, the positioning of their idols, or other causes, many people experience Vastu dosha. These are some ways to get rid of such doshas:

  • Make sure the idols in the pooja room or the pooja room itself don’t face south.
  • Do not utilise your storeroom as a pooja room if you have one.

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  • Do not keep your idols or mandir in the bedroom.
  • In the pooja room, place the god idols at a specific height rather than on the floor.
  • The bathroom should not be right next to the wall of your pooja room.
  • Keep your mandir out of the way of stairs.
  • Make sure the God and deity idols are flawless and free from chips in the pooja area.
  • Place no mandir or religious images in front of your entrance door.
  • Never bring idols from an outdated mandir into a home that has just been built or moved into.
  • Don’t put your ancestors’ pictures in the mandir.
  • In your pooja room, always burn a candle or Diya, preserve incense, and use fresh flowers.
  • In pooja rooms at home, little idols are advised; 7 inches is the appropriate size, according to experts.

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