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Chocolate Day 2023: Types of sweets you can gift to your partner

Chocolate Day 2023: Despite being a food that is loved by people everywhere, the word “chocolate” has many diverse meanings. This is evident from one glance at the chocolate section of a grocery store. It’s confusing with all the options. The term “chocolate” can be used to describe a wide variety of products, ranging from sweet milk chocolate to ultra-dark chocolate with 80% cocoa. So what exactly are all of these different kinds of chocolate?

The proportion of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor in the chocolate, as opposed to the proportion of sugar, milk solids, and other ingredients, determines the various varieties of chocolate.

Here are the Ten Types of Chocolate:- 

1. Milk Chocolate

The most popular kind of chocolate is probably milk chocolate. In reality, it only has ten to forty per cent cacao blended with sugar and milk (either condensed milk or milk solids). Milk chocolate has a lighter colour and a more subdued chocolate flavour than dark or bittersweet chocolate. It is also significantly sweeter. However, because it is prone to overheating, milk chocolate isn’t the best choice for baking.

2. White Chocolate

Other than cocoa butter, white chocolate is completely devoid of chocolate liquor. It tastes more like creamy vanilla than strongly chocolatey. A minimum of 20% cocoa butter, a maximum of 55% sugar, and roughly 15% milk solids are all included in white chocolate.

3. Dark Chocolate

Sugar, cocoa butter, and chocolate liquor are all ingredients in dark chocolate. Lecithin serves as an emulsifier, vanilla adds taste, and both are frequently used. Milk solids are absent from dark chocolate. Dark chocolate bars can contain anywhere between 30% and 80% cocoa by weight. Although they are used in baking, bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate are also considered to be “dark chocolate.”

4. Semisweet Chocolate

Although there are no official rules dictating what qualifies as “semisweet,” semisweet chocolate must contain at least 35 per cent cocoa solids. Semisweet dark chocolate sits between bittersweet and sweet chocolate. Although baking is where this kind of chocolate is most frequently used, it’s vital to read the recipe carefully to see whether it calls for baking, bittersweet, or semisweet chocolate.

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5. Bittersweet Chocolate

According to the FDA, bittersweet chocolate must have at least 35 per cent cocoa by weight, however, most bars only have 50 per cent cocoa, while some have as much as 80 per cent. Compared to other forms of chocolate, this kind frequently has a richer, bitterer flavour.

6. Unsweetened Chocolate (or Baking Chocolate)

Chocolate without sugar is exactly what its name suggests. It is a pure chocolate liquor created solely from cocoa beans that have been pulverised. Because it is not intended for standalone eating, it is sometimes known as baking chocolate. It works best when coupled with other ingredients in baking or cooking to improve the flavour. Contrary to what many people think, pure chocolate isn’t particularly tasty. However, it provides dishes with a deep, rich chocolate flavour and serves as the foundation for the majority of the other types of chocolate.

7. Cocoa Powder

The cocoa butter has been removed from cocoa powder, which is similarly made of 100% cacao and no sugar. Despite being highly bitter, cocoa powder is frequently used in recipes. It is a useful component since it can be added to batters and doughs without the need to melt and watch the chocolate.

8. Sweet German Chocolate

A guy by the name of Samuel German invented the dark-baking chocolate that bears his name. To make this chocolate practical for bakers, he directly added sugar to it. It has more sweetness as a result than semisweet chocolate. German chocolate cake, a decadent dessert with three layers of chocolate cake, sweet, gooey frosting in the middle, and a chocolate glaze on top, use the type of chocolate the most frequently.

9. Couverture Chocolate

The pricey variety of chocolate called couverture has a higher cocoa butter content than other types. It melts rapidly and uniformly due to the high cocoa butter concentration, making it ideal for tempering and the creation of chocolates. Dark, white, and milk couverture chocolates are available.

10. Ruby Chocolate

The newest type of chocolate is called ruby, and it was created in China in September 2017. Its rose colour comes from ruby cocoa beans that are grown naturally in Ecuador and Brazil. Even though there are no berries in the recipe, it is supposed to taste like a blend of white chocolate and berries.

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