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Why Did Indian Govt Send EMERGENCY Alert Message Today? You Got It Too?

Learn how the Indian government's 'Emergency Alert' Severe' message plays a vital role in this endeavor.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 15, 2023 14:58 IST
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Image used for representative purpose only.
Image used for representative purpose only.

New Delhi: Did your smartphone suddenly display a government emergency alert message that left you puzzled? Fret not; it’s merely a test conducted by the government. In the event of a real emergency, this feature will be used to provide crucial information and ensure public safety.

Unveiling the purpose: Central government’s test for Emergency Alerts

Millions of Android users received an unexpected “Serious Emergency Alert” message on their smartphone screens this afternoon, causing a momentary shock. Users are understandably curious about the purpose behind this message, and it’s explicitly stated that the government is conducting a test. This feature, once perfected, will serve as a vital tool to alert users in the event of an emergency.

Around 12:30 pm on a Friday, smartphone users across Delhi NCR and other areas were greeted with a message on their screens, initially in English and then in Hindi, warning of an “Emergency Alert: Severe.” Typically, such messages are sent to warn of serious disasters like earthquakes or floods, but this time, it’s different. There’s no need to panic; the government has sent this message solely for testing purposes.

A vital test for enhanced safety

The message, titled ‘Emergency Alert: Severe,’ conveyed, “This is a sample test message sent by the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, through the Cell Broadcasting System. Please ignore this message as no action is required. This message has been sent to calibrate the All India Emergency Alert System being implemented by the National Disaster Management Authority. The objective of this system is to enhance public safety and provide timely alerts during emergencies.”

Utilising the power of smartphone alerts against nature’s wrath

The emergency alert feature embedded in smartphones can be a lifesaver during sudden disasters or urgent situations. Messages sent through this feature pop up directly on the mobile screen, bypassing the inbox and demanding immediate attention. The government aims to assess the feature’s reliability and effectiveness through this testing phase, ensuring it can be used when the need arises.

A stir on social media

Many users were startled upon receiving this government alert with the title ‘Emergency Alert: Severe.’ They took to social media, including X (formerly Twitter), to express their concerns and share screenshots of the alert. However, there’s no reason for alarm; the government previously conducted tests of this feature with selected users in July and August this year. The message explicitly states that no response or action is necessary at this time.

So, if you ever receive such an alert on your smartphone, rest assured that it’s a step toward enhancing public safety in the future, ensuring timely and critical information reaches those who need it most.

First published on: Sep 15, 2023 02:58 PM IST

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