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WATCH | 4 Accused Push Bihar Police SUV For Over 500 Mts After It Ran Out Of Fuel

Faced with a stranded vehicle and a considerable distance to cover, the police officer in charge makes an unconventional decision.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Feb 4, 2024 13:40 IST
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Bihar Police
Bihar Police

In an embarrassing turn of events for Bihar’s police department, a Mahindra Scorpio carrying four accused grinds to a halt in Bhagalpur district due to an empty fuel tank. The unusual incident unfolds as the police SUV, en route to court, runs out of fuel, leading to an unexpected and viral turn of events.

Caught on Camera: Accused Turned Pushers

A video capturing the scene goes viral, showcasing the accused individuals pushing the stranded police vehicle for over 500 meters. The incident draws attention to the unorthodox response from the police officers and sparks discussions on social media.

Dry State Offenders: Initial Purpose of the Journey

The Mahindra Scorpio, transporting four detainees held for alcohol consumption in the dry state of Bihar, faces an unexpected pitstop near Kachahari Chowk due to an empty fuel tank. With one officer steering and another supervising the accused, the routine journey takes an unforeseen twist.

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Unconventional Decision-Making

Faced with a stranded vehicle and a considerable distance to cover, the police officer in charge makes an unconventional decision. Instructing the accused to disembark, they are tied with a rope and seen pushing the stranded SUV in the middle of the road. The peculiar scene raises eyebrows and prompts onlookers to document the incident.

Security Concerns: Potential Risks and Escapes

The decision to have the accused push the vehicle raises questions about security measures and the potential risk of detainees escaping during this unconventional turn of events. Instances of detainees escaping custody during transportation to court have been reported, highlighting the need for stringent security protocols.

Calls for Accountability: Probe Initiated

As the video gains traction on social media, senior police officials assure the public of strict action against those responsible for the unusual and potentially risky scenario. Acknowledging a potential lapse in security judgment, authorities initiate an inquiry into the matter, emphasizing the importance of thorough vehicle checks before such journeys.

First published on: Feb 04, 2024 01:40 PM IST

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