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WATCH: 2-Year-Old Rescued From 16-Feet Deep Borewell In Karnataka After 20-Hour

In Lachayan village, Karnataka, a 2-year-old fell into a borewell. After 20 hours, SDRF and NDRF teams rescued him amid cheers. The child, Satwik Mujagond, was alive and treated after the ordeal.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Apr 4, 2024 16:31 IST
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Karnataka Borewell Story
Karnataka Borewell Story

A 2-year-old child fell into a borewell in Lachayan village, Karnataka. After more than 20 hours, rescue teams including SDRF and NDRF personnel successfully retrieved the child.

Footage from the scene depicted rescue workers lifting the toddler out of the borewell to the sound of enthusiastic cheers and jubilation. Covered in mud, the child was carefully placed onto a stretcher and swiftly transferred to an awaiting ambulance, accompanied by a medical team.

Earlier in the day, rescuers reached the toddler and verified that he was alive. Teams promptly arrived at the scene and launched full-scale efforts to extract the two-year-old, who had fallen into the borewell on Wednesday while playing near his residence in Vijayapura district.

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Satwik Mujagond, the child, was believed to be trapped at a depth of 15–20 feet. Throughout the morning, cries from the child could be heard as the rescue operation progressed. As per the police, the borewell was drilled on a 4-acre land owned by the child’s father, Satish Mujagond.

The rescue efforts commenced at approximately 6:30 PM on Wednesday. A collaborative effort involving police teams, revenue officials, members of the taluk panchayat, as well as personnel from the fire department and emergency services, was undertaken to extricate the child from the borewell.

Earlier in the day, authorities reported that pipes had been inserted into the well to provide oxygen to the child. Additionally, skilled tubewell drilling workers were enlisted to expedite the rescue operation.

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First published on: Apr 04, 2024 04:31 PM IST

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