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Viral Video: Two Men Tail School Girl On Road, Pull Her Dupatta Then THIS Happened

Watch the disturbing incident of a school girl being followed on the road. Learn how this viral video is shedding light on the importance of child safety awareness.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 16, 2023 17:52 IST
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Screengrab of the video showing moment when the accident occurred. (Photo Credit: X/@sanjayjourno)
Screengrab of the video showing moment when the accident occurred. (Photo Credit: X/@sanjayjourno)

Ambedkarnagar: In a heart-wrenching and shocking incident, a young schoolgirl’s life was tragically cut short while she was on her way home from school. The incident unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s Ambedkarnagar leaving the entire community in shock and disbelief.

The horrifying sequence of events was captured on camera, revealing the sheer brutality of the incident. The victim, a schoolgirl who had just completed her classes, was pedaling her bicycle back home when tragedy struck.

Brazen act of snatching leads to tragedy

As per eyewitness reports, two young men riding a motorcycle began tailing the schoolgirl as she made her way home. In a shocking and brazen act, one of the men forcibly snatched the girl’s scarf. The sudden and violent act caused her to lose her balance and fall onto the road, setting off a chain of devastating events.

Tragedy unfolds: A life cut short

Following the snatching of her scarf, the situation took a nightmarish turn. The motorcycle, which had been closely tailing the girl, tragically ran over her. The impact of the collision left her with grievous injuries, and despite immediate efforts to provide medical assistance, she tragically succumbed to her injuries on the spot.

The video was posted by a X user, @sanjayjourno. He wrote, “Shameful incident in Ambedkarnagar, UP. Bike riding youths pulled the dupatta of a girl student who was going home on a bicycle after school. Girl student fell on the road after pulling her dupatta. The bike that came from behind ran over the head of the student. The student died. Earlier too, accused belonging to a particular community used to molest girl students while coming to school.”

Community mourns the loss

The entire community in Ambedkarnagar is mourning the loss of this young schoolgirl, whose life was cut short in such a brutal and senseless manner. The shocking visuals of the incident have left everyone in disbelief, highlighting the need for increased safety measures and awareness.

Calls for justice and safety

In the wake of this horrific incident, there are growing calls for justice and improved safety measures to protect schoolchildren on their way home. The tragedy serves as a grim reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety of our young students, who should be able to travel to and from school without fear.

As investigations into this heartbreaking incident continue, it is a somber moment for Ambedkarnagar, as the community comes to terms with the loss of a promising young life.

First published on: Sep 16, 2023 05:52 PM IST

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