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Tragic Village Horror: Disturbed By Grandson’s Crying Man Kills Him And His Mother With Sickle

A55-year-old man kills his toddler grandson and his mother after getting disturbed by his incessant crying.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Dec 8, 2023 18:03 IST
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In a tragic incident in Mudiyakalan village, a 55-year-old man, allegedly disturbed by his grandson’s incessant crying, reportedly committed a heinous crime on Friday morning, resulting in the deaths of the 2-year-old boy and his daughter-in-law. Kamalkant, identified as mentally challenged, has been apprehended by the police following the distressing event that unfolded in the Taalgaon police station area.

According to Sitapur SP Chakresh Mishra, who arrived at the scene, revealed that Kamalkant carried out the murders of his 2-year-old grandson and 27-year-old daughter-in-law with a sickle. It was the 2-year-old’s persistent crying that irritated Kamalkant. Consequently, he killed the little boy. When Shikha tried to intervene, she, too, became a victim of the accused’s violence.

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Tragically, Ayush succumbed to his injuries immediately, while Shikha was rushed to the hospital, where she later passed away. The police were able to swiftly arrest the accused at the scene of the crime, recovering the murder weapon in the process.

Narrating the devastating sequence of events, Ayush’s grandmother, who was away when the incident occurred, expressed her shock upon returning home to discover her daughter-in-law and grandson lying in a pool of blood. She highlighted that her son, employed in Punjab, and only four family members resided in the house.

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First published on: Dec 08, 2023 06:03 PM IST

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