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Technical snag forces Ranchi-bound Indigo flight to return to Delhi mid-air

This is the second such incident with an Indigo flight within the last 48 hours. Such snags should always be dealt with before take-off to avert major tragedies.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Aug 5, 2023 12:22 IST
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Indigo flight emergency landing at nagpur Airport
Image used for representational purpose only. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@IndiGo6E )

New Delhi: In a dramatic mid-air incident, an Indigo flight bound for Ranchi had to return to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in Delhi shortly after take-off on Saturday morning due to a technical snag. The pilot promptly informed the passengers about the issue and assured them of their safety while heading back to the airport. The incident highlights Indigo’s commitment to passenger safety and swift actions taken to mitigate any potential risks.

A worrisome mid-air announcement

Passengers onboard the Ranchi-bound Indigo flight, identified as 6E-2172, were taken by surprise when the pilot announced a technical glitch mid-air. The alert pilot immediately made the safety of passengers a priority and communicated that the flight would return to the IGI airport in Delhi.

Passengers share their experience

One of the passengers recounted the incident, saying, “The pilot announced that there was a technical snag in the plane, so we are going back to Delhi airport. We felt vibration onboard during the flight.” This prompt and transparent communication from the pilot reassured passengers amid the unexpected situation.

Prompt action taken

Putting passengers’ safety above all, the Indigo flight swiftly turned around and safely landed back in Delhi. The entire incident, from take-off to landing, took less than an hour. Indigo’s skilled crew and diligent protocols deserve commendation for their professionalism in handling the situation.

A new aircraft arranged

To ensure passengers reach their destination, Indigo’s crew informed them that another aircraft would be arranged for the operation. While this might cause a slight delay, it showcases the airline’s dedication to customer comfort and safety.

Another Indigo flight made an emergency landing

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance airlines place on passenger safety. Just yesterday, another Indigo flight made an emergency landing in Patna due to engine glitches, demonstrating that all airlines, including Indigo, are committed to promptly addressing any concerns that arise during flights.


First published on: Aug 05, 2023 12:22 PM IST

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