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‘SPG Stopped Me But…’, PM Modi Shares His Surprise Visit To Meet Nawaz Sharif

PM Modi said, that he travelled to Pakistan for Nawaz Sharif's Daughter's Wedding even after the SPG refused the invitation.

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PM Modi
PM Modi

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lunch with MPs in the parliament canteen and had a great time with S. Phangnon Konyak, BSP MP Ritesh Pandey, TDP MP Rammohan Naidu, BJD MPs Sasmit Patra and NK Premchandran, and BJP MP Heena Gavit.

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Sources claim that at 2:30 pm, the MPs received a call with information about the unofficial meal. The Prime Minister urged the Members of Parliament, “Come on, you have to punish someone.” In the canteen, PM Modi and the lawmakers consumed vegetarian fare and ragi laddus.

PM Modi On Nawaz Sharif’s Daughter’s Wedding

When an MP questioned Prime Minister Modi about his impromptu visit to Nawaz Sharif’s daughter’s wedding during lunch, the PM reportedly replied that he was in Parliament until 2:00 pm. Following that, he departed for Afghanistan. He chose to remain in Pakistan after his return. Despite SPG’s refusal to comply as well. Even after SPG rejected him, PM Modi said, he called Nawaz Sharif to inquire about whether or not he would accept him. PM Modi then traveled to Pakistan.

Prime Minister Modi struck up a casual conversation about travel, experiences, and yoga with the Members of Parliament over lunch. PM Modi declared that “Khichdi” is his favorite dish at this. The PM said to an MP that there are instances when I travel so much that I am unaware that I haven’t slept for even a single day.

Regarding PM Modi’s experience handling the tragedy of the Bhuj earthquake, Ritesh Pandey enquired. An MP said, “Please come. The PM wants to meet you.” She had received a call from the PMO. We were in the visitors lounge when we got to the canteen. Gazing at one another, we pondered how we had all been summoned. MPs praised the wonderful, casual experience.

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