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Russian President Vladimir Putin calls PM Narendra Modi, gives THIS update on G20 Summit in Delhi

Putin's decision to have Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov represent Russia at the G20 Summit raise question regarding his absence.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Aug 29, 2023 07:24 IST
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PM Narendra Modi with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo Credit: ANI)
PM Narendra Modi with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Photo Credit: ANI)

New Delhi: In an unexpected turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a significant announcement during a phone call with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The eagerly awaited G20 Summit in New Delhi will miss Putin’s physical presence, as he conveyed his regret about being unable to attend. However, the mantle will be picked up by none other than Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as stated by Putin himself.

Putin’s apology and Lavrov’s rise

Amidst anticipation, Putin’s message carried a tone of apology to PM Modi, citing his inability to make it to India for the G20 Summit. Instead, he assured that Russia’s interests will be well represented by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. This high-stakes diplomatic move signals a new chapter in Russia’s engagement on the global stage.

PM Modi’s gracious response and Russia’s support

In response, Prime Minister Modi exhibited understanding and grace, acknowledging Russia’s decision. He took the opportunity to express gratitude for Russia’s consistent backing of India’s initiatives during its G20 Presidency. This mutual display of respect and partnership highlighted the depth of the two countries’ relations.

Leaders exchange insights and promise continued dialogue

Beyond the G20 agenda, the leaders seized the moment to discuss a range of bilateral matters. They also engaged in a candid exchange of views on key regional and global issues of shared interest. The recently concluded BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, which Putin attended remotely, featured prominently in their discussions. This open dialogue between the two leaders emphasized their commitment to maintaining a robust connection.

Putin’s absence and international implications

Putin’s absence from both the upcoming G20 Summit and the recent BRICS Summit through remote participation raises eyebrows. This comes in light of the International Criminal Court (ICC) issuing a warrant against him for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. The warrant makes international travel a risky endeavor for Putin, prompting him to rely on digital means to participate in global gatherings.

As the G20 Summit approaches, the spotlight is now on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who will be representing Russia’s interests. While Putin’s absence may be felt, his strategic decision to delegate this role showcases the agility and adaptability of Russia’s diplomatic machinery.

First published on: Aug 29, 2023 06:47 AM IST

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