Punjab: Abandoned HIV Patient Found On Roadside, Tragic Incident Sparks Inquiry

A distressing incident has been unearthed in Mansa, Punjab, shedding light on a dire lapse in human compassion.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Nov 24, 2023 22:19 IST
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Punjab: Abandoned HIV Patient Found On Roadside
Punjab: Abandoned HIV Patient Found On Roadside

A distressing incident has been unearthed in Mansa, Punjab, shedding light on a dire lapse in human compassion. Shockingly, two patients – suffering from HIV and other from hepatitis, from the local government hospital were reportedly abandoned, with one of them tragically succumbing to the situation. The ordeal began when medical personnel allegedly relocated these individuals with the assistance of an ambulance driver, dropping them off at separate deserted locations.

The disheartening incident unfolded during the night between Wednesday and Thursday, leading to the death of a 32-year-old patient identified as Karan, son of Ramesh, hailing from Mansa. He had been undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital but was allegedly taken away via a private ambulance and left near Green Valley Colony, where he ultimately passed away.

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Another patient, Rinku Singh, aged 42, was discovered abandoned near the city cemetery. Both individuals, undergoing treatment at the hospital, suffered from serious health conditions—HIV in one case and hepatitis in the other. This distressing abandonment was brought to light when they failed to return to the hospital.

The Punjab Government swiftly responded by initiating a 3-member investigation committee, tasked with uncovering the truth behind this distressing episode. A team from the health department in Chandigarh will join the probe in Mansa. Simultaneously, the local health department has formed a panel of three doctors to delve into the circumstances surrounding this appalling incident.

Allegations suggest that hospital doctors facilitated the abandonment by providing money to the ambulance driver, instructing them to relocate these patients outside the hospital premises. As social organizations intervened, raising concern about the incident, it attracted considerable attention.

The ambulance driver, Kaka Singh, involved in leaving the patients in a secluded area, informed the police that the hospital doctor instructed him to perform this act, for which he was paid Rs 400. Meanwhile, Mansa’s Chief Medical Officer stated that a dedicated investigation committee will be established to thoroughly examine this disconcerting occurrence.

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Dr. Ranjit Singh Rai, the civil surgeon in Mansa, clarified that Rinku, initially silent about his identity, eventually revealed his name and origin—Narwana union in Gujarat. He emphasized that Rinku was solely suffering from orthopedic issues and was not HIV positive, contrary to initial assumptions.

In the aftermath of this incident, political discourse has ensued, with the opposition raising questions about the treatment of patients within government hospital premises.

First published on: Nov 24, 2023 10:19 PM IST

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