PM Modi Pays Tribute To Birsa Munda, Lays Foundation Stone For Rs. 7,200 Crore Project In Jharkhand

Prime Minister Modi, in his address, underscored the transformative impact these projects are poised to have on the lives of the citizens and the overall landscape of Khunti.

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PM Modi congratulated all the residents of Jharkhand on the occasion of 23rd Jharkhand Day. He also paid tribute to the tribal hero Birsa Munda on this day.

“Today is a day full of good fortune. I have just returned from Ulihatu, the birthplace of Lord Birsa Munda. Had a very pleasant meeting with his family. I also got the opportunity to visit Lord Birsa Munda Memorial Park and Freedom Fighters Museum. Two years ago today, I had the privilege of dedicating this museum to the country. I congratulate all the countrymen on Tribal Pride Day and best wishes.” said Narendra Modi in Khunti.

On a momentous occasion in Khunti, Jharkhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a historic milestone by inaugurating, dedicating to the nation, and laying the foundation stone for an array of projects collectively valued at approximately Rs. 7,200 crores. The event showcased the government’s commitment to fostering development and catalyzing progress in the region.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by dignitaries and local residents alike, served as a platform for unveiling initiatives that spanned various sectors critical to the socio-economic fabric of the area. Prime Minister Modi, in his address, underscored the transformative impact these projects are poised to have on the lives of the citizens and the overall landscape of Khunti.

Among the noteworthy projects inaugurated were those focusing on infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and connectivity. The diverse range of initiatives reflects a comprehensive approach to address the multifaceted needs of the community. As part of his dedication to the nation, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts between the central government and local authorities to bring about positive change and uplift the standard of living for residents.

The foundation stone laying ceremony marked the commencement of additional projects aimed at further enhancing the region’s growth trajectory. These included ventures in sectors such as renewable energy, water resources management, and technology infrastructure. Prime Minister Modi articulated the vision behind these endeavors, emphasizing their alignment with the larger goal of creating a sustainable and prosperous future for Khunti.

The total investment of Rs. 7,200 crores underscores the government’s commitment to steering Jharkhand towards becoming a hub of development and economic prosperity. The prime minister’s proactive engagement with the local community during the event symbolizes a participatory approach to governance, ensuring that the aspirations and concerns of the people are integral to the planning and execution of these transformative projects.

As the projects unfold over the coming months and years, Khunti is poised to witness a positive ripple effect across various sectors, fostering employment, enhancing infrastructure, and ultimately improving the quality of life for its residents. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit and the inauguration ceremony stand as a testament to the government’s dedication to inclusive and sustainable development, leaving an indelible mark on the socio-economic landscape of Khunti, Jharkhand.

First published on: Nov 15, 2023 03:31 PM IST

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