PM Modi addresses Parliament, calls out opposition’s inability to see development through poetry

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the Parliament on Wednesday, said in a poetic manner that by saying this, we are amused… They have now left, they are coming now. PM Modi said that this time along with thanks I also want to congratulate the President. Her presence as the head of the republic is not only historic, but it is also an opportunity of great inspiration for crores of daughters of the country.

Prime Minister Modi said that everyone gave their own figures and arguments in the discussion here… kept their points according to their interest, tendency and nature and when we try to understand these things, it also comes to mind that how much capacity , ability and intention. The country evaluates all of these.

‘President guided Indians in the address’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi said that the President guided us and crores of Indians in his visionary address. Her presence as the head of the republic is historic as well as inspiring for the daughters and sisters of the country. PM Modi said that the President has increased the pride of the tribal community. Today, after many years of independence, there is a sense of pride in the tribal community and their confidence has increased. This country and the House are grateful to him for this.


PM Modi used poetry to target opposition

PM Modi said that after the speech of some people, the entire ecosystem, supporters… were jumping and started saying happily, Yeh hui na baat! Perhaps you must have had a good sleep, perhaps you would not have been able to wake up today. It has been said for such people… It has been said in a good way… We are amusing our hearts by saying that they have left, they are coming again….

PM Modi said that when the President’s speech was taking place, some people also cut their scissors. A big leader has also insulted His Excellency the President. Hatred has also been shown towards the tribal community and what is their thinking towards our tribal society, but when these types of things were said in front of the TV, then the feeling of hatred that was lying inside came out.

‘No one has any objection for the President’s speech,’ says PM Modi

PM Modi said that when I was listening to the discussion on the President’s speech, I felt that many things have been accepted silently. That is, no one has any objection to the speech of the President. The President had said in his speech that India, which was dependent on others for most of its problems, is today becoming the medium to solve the problems of the world.

PM Modi said that the President had also said… the facilities for which a large population of the country waited for decades, got them in these years. The country wanted freedom from the problems of corruption in government schemes, it is getting that freedom now. He said that there is laughter and jokes, comments and bickering in the House, but we should not forget that proud opportunities are standing before us as a nation today. We are living the moment of pride.


‘We sailed through the pandemic smoothly,’ says PM Modi 

Prime Minister Modi said that this terrible epidemic that has come in 100 years, on the other hand the situation of war, divided world… Even in this situation, in the atmosphere of crisis, the way the country has handled itself, the whole country is filled with confidence and pride. Is. PM Modi said that the kind of situation prevailing in all the countries of the world and in our neighbourhood, at such a time, which Indian would not feel proud that his country is the fifth largest economy in the world. Today there is positivity about India in the whole world.

Prime Minister Modi said that it is a matter of pride for the country, 140 crore countrymen are feeling proud, but I think perhaps some people are also feeling sad because of this. They should introspect. He said that today every reliable institution of the world, every expert, who can also predict the future very well, has a lot of hope and a lot of enthusiasm about India today. This is because there is no instability in India.

‘India is emerging as a manufacturing hub,’ says PM Modi

The Prime Minister said that India is emerging as a manufacturing hub. The world sees its prosperity in the prosperity of India. Some people immersed in despair are not able to accept the development of this country. They fail to see the achievements of the people. He said that during the pandemic, we have provided medicines and vaccines to more than 150 countries in times of crisis. This is the reason why today many countries openly thank India and praise India on global forums.

The Prime Minister said that the whole world is looking towards India with hope and faith and is excited for India. Stability, growing global influence, strength and new possibilities in India are the biggest reasons behind this. He said that 90,000 startups have come up in the last 9 years. We are at number three in the world in startups. A huge startup ecosystem has reached every nook and corner of the country.

PM Modi said that there was political instability in India for almost three decades. Today we have a stable and decisive government and faith in a stable and decisive government always gives the courage to take decisions in the interest of the nation.

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