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No Modi Or Anti-Modi Wave Visible In Lok Sabha Polls: Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah, currently situated in Kupwara within the Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency in Jammu and Kashmir, is participating in the Lok Sabha polls for the first time. Today, Omar, accompanied by his key party leaders, conducted a vibrant roadshow in the Lolab area.

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Omar Abdullah

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The Lok Sabha elections are waveless. There is neither a wave in favor of the government nor an anti-Modi government wave visible on the ground. However, what people are carrying themselves and what they decide will become clear on June 04,” said former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, while speaking exclusively to News24 in the Lolab area of North Kashmir.

Omar Abdullah, who is currently camping in Kupwara within the Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency in J&K, where he is contesting the Lok Sabha polls for the first time. Today, Omar, along with his close party leaders, held a strong roadshow in the Lolab area. He told News24 that the government isn’t providing a level playing field to the opposition in Jammu and Kashmir during the ongoing Lok Sabha Polls. The administration in Baramulla informed him today to reschedule his public meetings program in Sopore due to security issues. Omar questions how he could reschedule his important political meetings in Sopore when elections are only a few days away.

Omar Abdullah accuses the ECI of postponing the polls in Anantnag-Rajouri parliamentary constituency at the behest of BJP, just to benefit the allies and proxies of BJP. Omar alleged that during the poll campaign in Kashmir, administrative officers are trying to disturb their poll campaign programs, but they aren’t afraid of it and believe that the National Conference will win all three Lok Sabha seats in the Kashmir Valley.

Regarding the PM’s recent statement on Ambani and Adani, Omar Abdullah told News24, “This is the first time we are hearing names like Ambani and Adani from the Prime Minister. What is even more shocking is that the PM says Rahul Gandhi has taken black money from these two, implying that Adani and Ambani have accumulated black wealth.”

Omar Abdullah said, “One thing I know very well is that our PM doesn’t say anything without a cause or purpose. I have seen him very closely when he was the Chief Minister in Gujarat and now for 10 years as PM. I don’t remember an instance when he said anything without meaning. We politicians sometimes say things in emotions, but the Prime Minister never falls into emotions. Whatever he says or does always has some sort of planning, and accusing Adani and Ambani of accumulating black money is really out of my mind.”

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Omar Abdullah added, “At some point, I feel that the past three phases of polls may be the reason for these kinds of statements by the Prime Minister. After the first phase, they spoke about ‘Mangalsutra’ and land. We heard statements like ‘Ram Mandir Pay Babri Ka Talla Lagega’ after the second phase of polling, and now after the third phase, Ambani and Adani came under attack. Who knows, in the coming days after other phases, who else is going to feel the heat.” Omar Abdullah said he was waiting for Rahul Gandhi’s reply to the Prime Minister; the PM himself gave this chance to Rahul when he used the term black money.

Regarding Sam Pitroda’s recent statement, Omar Abdullah said that every political party has individuals who sometimes speak nonsense. He added, “I won’t say these kinds of statements are made deliberately, but sometimes these kinds of leaders, even in my party, unintentionally say things for which we as a party have to pay the price. This happens in almost every party, but BJP has the media on their side, so their leaders’ statements don’t get as much hype as those made by opposition leaders. Now Sam Pitroda has resigned from his position in Congress, which I think is fair enough.”

Omar Abdullah said, “In the ongoing polls, the Modi Wave is really invisible. The Modi chants in BJP rallies aren’t being witnessed nowadays. People are saying that these elections are waveless; something is brewing among the people, whether in favor of BJP or against them, it will become clear on June 4th. However, my current feeling is that BJP is falling down. Even if they come close to 300 seats, that would be significant for them.”

Regarding the situation in the Kashmir Valley, Omar Abdullah said, “There is no visible governance on the ground. Officers are behaving like kings, and that’s why when people see me, they come out in huge numbers expressing their grievances and seeking redressal for their day-to-day problems.”

Omar Abdullah also mentioned, “He expects that if the ‘INDIA’ alliance comes to power, the upcoming assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir will be held after proper statehood.”

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First published on: May 11, 2024 02:40 PM IST

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