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No Drop In Bengaluru! Rs. 5000 Fine, Guards Allotted To Protect Water

Resources are depleting we knew but never thought we are this close to replenishment. 3,000 borewells have dried up in Bengaluru. Housing societies have issued notice that they can't provide water to residents.

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Mar 5, 2024 16:39 IST
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Bengaluru water crisis
Bengaluru water crisis

Amid the ongoing climate change and global boiling, Bengaluru seems to be severely hit by the water crisis. As per the deputy chief minister of Karnataka, DK Shivakumar, more than 3000 borewells have dried up in the silicon city of India. The state government is holding meeting after meeting to look for strategies to solve the major water crisis. They are working on identifying the points where water is available. Even the borewell at Shivakumar’s residence has also dried up.

As summer approaches, this crisis is expected to be manifold. Can you imagine your life without drinking water? Think of a city that is technologically developed, holds a dozen MNCs, more than 60% engineers, and is the hub of Indian scientists at ISRO. Now, learn that this Bengaluru has dried up. All of its groundwater has been sucked out and consequently, borewells have dried.

Pertaining to the situation, societies that were entirely dependent on tankers for water availability, have sent notices to residents stating that there’s no water and hence no drop will be available from the maintenance. This notice follows the action by BWSSB that has seized water tankers to ensure their availability in areas facing severe crises.

Bengaluru crisis


Prestige Falcon City has issued a notice stating that the apartment is left with only that much water that’s in the overhead tank (OHT).

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Another housing society, Palm Meadows, which is located in Whitefield has issued a notice requesting residents to reduce water consumption by 20% because they haven’t received any water tanker from BWSSB for the past four days. The notice clearly states that if they fail to do so, a fine of Rs. 5,000 will be imposed on them. To monitor the proper utilization, a special guard has been deployed.

First published on: Mar 05, 2024 04:39 PM IST

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