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No confidence motion: Will Modi break Nehru’s record in Parliament’s epic showdown?

This week is set to be a defining moment for both sides as they vie for their respective objectives in the hallowed halls of the Parliament.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Aug 6, 2023 09:59 IST
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Modi Nehru
Narendra Modi, Jawahar Lal Nehru (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

New Delhi: The final week of the Monsoon Session of Parliament is poised to be the most eventful yet. Starting Monday, the opposition is set to challenge the government through a motion of no-confidence in the Lok Sabha.

Simultaneously, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi received a significant reprieve from the Supreme Court, bolstering the opposition’s determination. Despite the government’s numerical advantage, several arrows in the opposition’s quiver are poised to rattle the administration.

No-confidence motion looms large

Throughout the Monsoon Session, the Lok Sabha encountered numerous disruptions, making it challenging to conduct uninterrupted business. While some days saw no substantial legislative progress, on others, the government managed to pass several bills amidst ruckus.

However, the opposition primarily focused on debating the Delhi Services Bill. Now, they are ready to take center stage with their no-confidence motion. The discussion on the motion will begin on Tuesday and conclude with the Prime Minister’s response on Thursday.

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Rahul Gandhi’s reinstated membership

In a significant development, the Supreme Court reinstated Rahul Gandhi’s Parliament membership in a criminal defamation case after 133 days of suspension. The decision may prompt the Lok Sabha Secretariat to restore his membership soon.

This development could potentially enable Rahul Gandhi to participate fully in the parliamentary proceedings, infusing renewed vigor into the opposition ranks and lending a sharper edge to their attacks.

Will PM Modi sustain with a record?

The ruling government is fully aware of the opposition’s determination to gather as many votes as possible in their favor. Currently, the NDA government enjoys the support of 332 Members of Parliament (MPs), including BJP (301), Shiv Sena (13), Lok Janshakti Party (6), Rashtriya Loktantrik Party (3), and others.

If they gain the support of the YSR Congress Party and Biju Janata Dal, their tally will reach 353. While the numerical advantage is on the government’s side, they are not taking the opposition’s attacks lightly and are preparing to defend their stance on various fronts.

As the Monsoon Session approaches its conclusion, the Parliament’s atmosphere is likely to be heated with the opposition’s no-confidence motion and Rahul Gandhi’s comeback as an active participant. The government faces the challenge of countering the opposition’s tactics and defending its policies effectively.

First published on: Aug 06, 2023 09:33 AM IST

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