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Najafgarh Double Murder: First Did Recce; Then, Two Youngsters Shot Dead In The Salon With Bullets

Najafgarh Double Murder: Two young people were shot and killed on Friday by thugs who broke into a salon in Delhi's Najafgarh neighborhood.

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Najafgarh Double Murder

Najafgarh Double Murder: Two young people were shot and killed on Friday by thugs who broke into a salon in Delhi’s Najafgarh neighborhood. The young people were being assaulted while having their hair cut. The accused ran off after the incident, brandishing a weapon. The police were notified about the incident by other salon employees. After receiving the information, the Najafgarh police station sent the two people’s bodies for a post-mortem. The police have opened an investigation and filed a case under the murder section.

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DCP On Najafgarh Double Murder

According to DCP Ankit Singh, the departed Sonu and Ashish resided in Nangli Sakravati with their separate families. The departed Sonu’s family has rented out their property, generating income for them. On the other hand, Ashish, who passed away, had been unemployed for a while. For a very long period, the two were friends. The two buddies got together this afternoon at the Indira Park unisex salon to get their hair trimmed. Criminals with guns also entered the salon at this time. After shooting Sonu, the miscreants shot and killed Ashish. Both of them left without more incident.

The local police, crime, and forensic team—including the DCP—arrived at the scene and gathered evidence after learning of the murder. Photographs of the two suspects were found by the police, along with the CCTV footage that had been installed in the salon. An attempt is being made to use the photos to identify the accused. All of the individuals who were in the salon when the incident occurred are being questioned by the police squad. At the time of the occurrence, there were a few other people in the salon. There was mayhem there as soon as the shot was discharged. People began to flee in all directions in an attempt to save themselves. The workers at the salon barricaded themselves in the space. The accused was unable to enter that room as a result.

According to police sources, preliminary inquiry has shown that the dead Ashish and a young man named Sanjeev got into a fight a few days ago. Additionally, an effort was made to get them to compromise. However, no consensus was established on the subject. They both harbored resentment toward one another. Police think Sanjeev committed a murder.

Additionally, according to police sources, the two suspects carried out the crime by reconnaissance. For several days, both were watching Sonu and Ashish. In this case, the accused arrived at the salon after the two of them had left after about fifteen minutes, committed the crime, and then fled on foot. The accused had previously plotted their getaway from the area around the salon. According to sources, he rode a bike to escape after crossing the street on foot.

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