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Manipur govt’s conflicting stance on DCW Chief Swati Maliwal’s state visit

DCW Chief Swati Maliwal informed about the Manipur govt's U-turn by revoking the earlier granted permission for her state visit.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Jul 23, 2023 10:24 IST
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DCW chief Manipur visit
DCW chief Swati Maliwal (File Photo)

New Delhi: The much-anticipated visit of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief, Swati Maliwal, to Manipur to extend support to the victims of violence. The scheduled visit has hit a stumbling block due to conflicting decisions from the state government. Swati Maliwal’s desire to visit Manipur and aid the victims of sexual assault has been met with uncertainties as the Manipur government first granted permission and later revoked it.

DCW chief’s plea to help victims

Swati Maliwal expressed her earnest intentions to visit Manipur and meet the survivors of sexual assault, offering her assistance in their time of need. However, the Manipur government cited concerns about the prevailing law and order situation in the state and advised her to postpone her visit.

Despite the government’s reluctance, Swati Maliwal is fervently appealing to the state authorities to reconsider their decision and grant her the opportunity to visit Manipur. She seeks their support in making necessary arrangements for her travel to the relief camps where the victims are currently seeking shelter.

Manipur government takes a U-Turn

The situation took a dramatic turn when, after initially granting permission to Swati Maliwal’s visit, the Biren Singh-led Manipur government abruptly changed its stance within a mere 12 hours. The sudden U-turn has left the DCW Chief and the public questioning the reasons behind the denial of her visit.

Swati Maliwal expressed her shock and disbelief through a tweet, where she voiced her confusion over the government’s decision to revoke her permission. She had already made arrangements for her visit and had engaged in discussions with the authorities beforehand.

The visit was intended to support the victims of sexual violence in Manipur, providing them with much-needed comfort and assistance. Swati Maliwal’s unwavering commitment to helping survivors underscores the urgency of her visit to address the distressing situation.

Swati Maliwal seeks transparent dialogue with Manipur CM

In light of the conflicting decisions, the public eagerly awaits a transparent dialogue between Swati Maliwal and the Manipur government to resolve the impasse. The need for open communication and cooperation in providing aid to the victims is paramount during these trying times.

Calls to allow DCW Chief’s visit to Manipur

With Swati Maliwal’s visit being sought for the welfare of survivors, voices across the nation are calling on the Manipur government to reconsider and permit her visit. The support and attention she can bring to the victims may prove invaluable in their path to recovery.

The tussle over Swati Maliwal’s visit to Manipur underscores the criticality of assisting the victims of violence and the importance of cooperation between authorities and social activists in addressing such sensitive issues. The public remains hopeful that a resolution will be reached, allowing the DCW Chief to extend her support to those in need.

First published on: Jul 23, 2023 10:24 AM IST

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