Man from Madhya Pradesh Claimed To Have Found ‘Kuldevta’ Which Later Turned Out To Be Dinosaur Egg

A family from Madhya Pradesh have been worshipping unique stone balls as 'Kuldevta' which later turned out to be dinosaur eggs

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Dinosaur Egg
Dinosaur Egg

With Indian families following their respective cultures and ancient traditions from older times, a man from Madhya Pradesh got himself an ‘ancient’ surprise recently when he thought he was getting a gift from the gods.

Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar saw a man worshipping stone balls as a ‘Kuldevta’ which he had found while digging up his  farmland. The stone balls had everyone living nearby in awe.

In hopes of protecting his farm land and cattle from any mishaps, the man believed that worshipping the ‘Kuldevta’ would prevent him and his family from any harm.

However, the surprise element in his life came when the experts of Lucknow’s Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences came to do a field research on the matter and found out that the stone balls termed as ‘Kuldevta’ by the man, turned out to be a fossilised Dinosaur egg.

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According to a report, the eggs were believed to be of Titanosaur species of dinosaurs and were being worshipped by the 40-year-old man as “Kakar Bhairav”.

Unique Sight for Experts

As far as the eggs are concerned, the experts also found the sighting interesting and could be valuable in order to do further studies about the species as well.

While the news came to the viewer’s astonishment, some people also found it be an eerie update about the creatures who used to rule the planet billion years ago.

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First published on: Dec 20, 2023 04:48 PM IST

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