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Meet Isha Arora: The Saharanpur Polling Agent Capturing Attention Online

Isha Arora, an employee at the State Bank, is supervising the elections in Madari hamlet, which falls under the Gangoh assembly seat, for the Saharanpur Lok Sabha elections. This marks Isha Arora's third stint in electoral duties, with a video of her gaining traction on social media.

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Meet Isha Arora_ The Saharanpur Polling Agent Capturing Attention Online

The video of Isha Arora, a polling agent, is going viral on social media. She is performing voting duty in the Gangoh assembly constituency during the Saharanpur Lok Sabha elections. The first video that gained attention was when she was being dispatched to booths along with other polling agents. Isha Arora has become the center of attention at the polling booth.

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Isha Arora, who works at State Bank, is overseeing the polls in Madari hamlet, a segment of the Gangoh assembly seat, for the Saharanpur Lok Sabha elections. Isha Arora has served electoral duty twice before. Currently, a video of Isha Arora is gaining popularity on social media.

Speaking to ANI, the SBI employee expressed her views, stating, “I believe that being punctual is essential for any duty, which is why I ensured to start my duty on time. Both men and women should prioritize punctuality to ensure smooth operations.”

Regarding the viral video, she mentioned that due to her election duty commitments, she hasn’t had time to view the video herself. “I would like to emphasize the importance of punctuality, which is evident in the smooth conduct of such large-scale elections. I haven’t had the chance to go through the comments on the video. Given the election season, my priority was to fulfill my duty on time, keeping me occupied. The video’s viral nature is a testament to my dedication and punctuality,” she explained.

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First published on: Apr 19, 2024 10:43 PM IST

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