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Kanpur Money Heist: Luxury Hotel Booking, Insta Reel With Stolen Cash, Unexpected Consequences

Unveil the truth behind the Kanpur Money Heist, featuring stolen cash, luxury hotels, and unforeseen outcomes.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Oct 5, 2023 21:09 IST
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Kanpur Money Heist
Kanpur Money Heist

Kanpur: A sensational incident has gripped Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, as a daring thief faced an unexpected turn of events after a heist. In a shocking sequence of events, this thief, overwhelmed by the loot, ended up booking a lavish hotel room and even creating an Instagram reel flaunting the stolen money. Little did he know that this audacious act would ultimately lead to his capture by the police.

The bold heist

The saga began with a daring burglary at the residence of astrologer Tarun Sharma in Kanpur. The entire escapade was captured by the victim’s CCTV cameras, exposing the thief’s audacious act. Not only did the thief’s actions get recorded, but the incident took an unexpected twist afterward.

Luxury hotel room booking

In a baffling move, the thief, following the theft, proceeded directly to a local hotel, where he boldly booked a luxury room. Seemingly unable to contain his excitement over the ill-gotten gains, he devised an Instagram video, showcasing the stolen money. The video portrayed stacks of currency notes scattered on the hotel room’s bed, with a substantial bundle held by the thief himself.

Instagram reel backfires

What transpired next could only be described as an act of hubris. The thief, with an apparent disregard for the consequences, shared the incriminating video on Instagram. This decision would soon prove to be his downfall.

The Kanpur Police swiftly learned of the incriminating Instagram reel and commenced their pursuit of the audacious thief through their digital tracking system. After relentless efforts, the authorities successfully traced the thief’s whereabouts.

Thief apprehended

The gripping chase reached its climax as the police finally apprehended the thief. Upon his arrest, a startling discovery was made—approximately two lakh rupees in cash and two mobile phones, all believed to be part of the stolen loot.

Investigations into the case unveiled a surprising twist—the apprehended thief was revealed to be a minor. This revelation added another layer of complexity to the unfolding story.

First published on: Oct 05, 2023 09:07 PM IST

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