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Kannauj Horror: Daughter’s Sharp Weapon Attack Leaves Father Dead, Brother Escapes

In the village of Karmullapur, located in the Chhibramau Kotwali area of Kannauj, this incident unfolded. A minor girl suddenly began bleeding from her head, after which she fatally injured her father with a sharp weapon.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: May 21, 2024 12:17 IST
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Kannauj Horror_ Daughter's Sharp Weapon Attack Leaves Father Dead, Brother Escapes

In Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, a daughter murdered her father and attempted to kill her brother afterward. The village is shrouded in mourning following this tragic incident. The police have taken custody of the body and sent it for post-mortem examination. Additionally, the police have detained the accused girl. However, the true motive behind the incident remains unknown.

This incident occurred in Karmullapur village, situated in the Chhibramau Kotwali area of Kannauj. The girl suddenly lost her calm and proceeded to kill her father with a sharp weapon. Following this, she attempted to attack her brother, who had already awakened. Using a hammer, the girl tried but failed to kill her brother.

Following this, the sister bit the brother, causing him to scream and flee from the scene. This event sparked commotion throughout the village, prompting villagers to rush to the spot. The gathered crowd apprehended the girl. Subsequently, they reported the matter to the Chhibramau police station. The family members are grieving over the murder of their father.

The brother revealed that his younger sister, aged 17 and studying in class 12th, slit their father’s throat first and then approached him with a hammer in hand. He responded by gripping her throat, prompting her to bite him. He shouted loudly, attracting nearby people to the scene. Bite marks from teeth were discovered on the brother’s hand, while nail marks were found on his neck, chest, and back.

The police consider the case suspicious and have sent the dead body for post-mortem examination. They are interrogating the family members as well as the accused girl. The police are thoroughly investigating every aspect of the incident.

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First published on: May 21, 2024 12:17 PM IST

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