Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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CM Dhami in Joshimath to review ‘sinking’ land condition, meet families

Joshimath’s sinking land: Uttarakhand On Saturday, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami travelled in the state’s Chamoli district’s Joshimath town to undertake a survey of land subsidence-stricken areas and speak with affected families.

Before landing in town, the chief minister performed an aerial survey of Joshimath. Huge fissures have been seen in houses, roads, and fields in Joshimath, and many houses have sunk. Due to landslides in Joshimath, cracks have been discovered on the Joshimath-Malari border route, which connects the India-China border. Landslides have also engulfed a big portion of the Badrinath National Highway.

(Joshimath’s sinking land) According to Joshimath Municipal Chairman Shailendra Pawar, massive fissures occurred in the houses due to water leakage from the ground in the Marwadi area.

Joshimath’s sinking land: Commission formed

The central government formed a commission on Friday to investigate the occurrence of land subsidence and its impact on the town of Joshimath.

District Magistrate Himanshu Khurana stated that due to the situation in Joshimath, all construction work has been paused till further directives are issued.

According to a Chamoli district administration statement issued on Friday, 561 establishments were destroyed: 153 in Ravigram ward, 127 in Gandhinagar ward, 28 in Marwadi ward, 24 in Lower Bazaar ward, 52 in Singhdhar ward, 71 in Manohar Bagh ward, and 29 in Upper Bazaar ward. The operations of Hotel View and Malari Inn were restricted due to cracks reported by 27 people in the Sunil ward and 50 people in Parsari.

Nine families were relocated on Thursday, including four from Joshimath Municipal Corporation, one from Gurudwara Joshimath, one from Tourist Hostel, Manohar Bagh, and others.

Joshimath residents blocked the Badrinath Highway on Thursday morning to demand that the government and administration address the issue of land sinking.

So far, 38 families have been forced to flee their homes.

Meanwhile, due to the ongoing ground subsidence in Joshimath, the state government has sent a team of specialists to assess the situation.

As a precaution, teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been dispatched in the region, according to Chamoli Chief Development Officer (CDO) Lalit Narayan Mishra on Friday.

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