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DM Wife’s Bag Containing Goods Worth Rs 15 Lakh Goes Missing From Delhi Airport; Know What Happened Next

Incident transpired on Jan 28 when Mrs. Manju Singh was boarding Air India's flight A10522 from Terminal-03 of IGA to Hyderabad.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Feb 6, 2024 09:52 IST
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DM Wife's Bag Containing Goods Worth Rs 15 Lakh Goes Missing From Delhi Airport
DM Wife's Bag Containing Goods Worth Rs 15 Lakh Goes Missing From Delhi Airport

Delhi: A disturbing incident unfolded when the bag belonging to the wife of Moradabad District Magistrate, Manju Singh, went missing from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport. The bag contained valuables worth Rs 15 lakh, including jewelry and cash. Mrs. Singh was en route to Hyderabad to attend an event and had entrusted her bag to the airport staff at Delhi, receiving a deposit slip in return. However, upon her arrival in Hyderabad, the bag was nowhere to be found. In response to the incident, Mrs. Singh has lodged an FIR of fraud against Air India and the airport employees.

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Delhi – Chronology of Events

The incident transpired on January 28th when Mrs. Manju Singh was boarding Air India’s flight A10522 from Terminal-03 of Indira Gandhi Airport to Hyderabad. The concerned employees of Air India/Airport, stationed outside the flight, instructed her to hand over the bag, assuring that it would be safely transported to her destination. Despite the bag containing valuable jewelry, cash, and other items worth Rs 15 lakh, the employees did not allow Mrs. Singh to retrieve these items and took possession of the bag, issuing her a receipt. Trusting the airline and its staff, she proceeded to her seat feeling secure.

Missing Bag and Unfulfilled Promises

Upon landing at Hyderabad airport and reaching the designated belt no. 37B, as instructed by Air India staff, Mrs. Singh waited for her luggage, but it never arrived. Upon presenting her receipt to the Air India/Airport staff at Hyderabad Airport, she reported the non-delivery of her bag. The staff assured her that she would be promptly informed once the luggage was received. However, despite continuous correspondence with Air India since January 28th, Mrs. Singh has not received a satisfactory reply, and her bag remains undelivered.

Delhi – FIR Filed at Civil Lines Police Station

Following the distressing incident, Mrs. Manju Singh returned to Moradabad and filed an FIR of fraud at the Civil Lines police station against Air India and the airport employees involved. The case sheds light on the need for a thorough investigation into the security and handling of passengers’ belongings at airports, urging authorities to address such incidents promptly and transparently.

First published on: Feb 06, 2024 09:52 AM IST

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